How can your ticket (if i win) grant me immigration to canada?

This is a question I received from Besmark, he is a member of my page on facebook . Besmark is interested in buying tickets to my "Immigrate to Canada fro only 29 dollars".

I created these events to help new immigrants save up to 80% off their paperwork costs when they apply for immigration.

This is a very good question, and here is the answer.
To be eligible to buy tickets you have to meet minimum requirements
This is not a government program, so you should not confuse it with similar programs like the US green card lottery.
You still have to pay the application fees and delivery cost (winnings only cover up to 80%, that mounts up to $4000 for a single applicant and $10,000 for a family of three  as an examples.

If you found yourself eligible, you bought a ticket and win, then I can write your immigration application and do the paperwork.

You should not confuse applying to granting, only immigration authorities can grant the visa, all anyone can do is apply, provided they meet the criteria and it is up to authorities to grant them the visa.

My job is to make sure you have the motivation and minimize obvious risk factors in your application.

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