So you want to Immigrate to Canada? I got news for You. Get off Your Lazy Ass!

Immigration requires preparation: Unless you know exactly what your strengths are and what city you want to live in, and have lots of free time, you are going to need help.

Immigration costs money: that's right, you will need money to prepare and clear your application, pay for application fees, medical exams, paperwork, research, evaluations, ticket's, settlement, it can easily toll to 5000 dollars for a single guy and 12000 for a family of three

Immigration is not for everyone: if you didn't know that, wake up, not everyone are approved, if you are not a good fit, you will not get approved.

Immigration is not for the lazy: If you think someone is going to knock on your door and give you a visa. Keep doing it , you will never gonna get it.

Immigration is for who wants to better themselves: that's right you heard it, if you are going to immigrate to do the same as you are doing right now, give it a rest and forget about it.

Immigration is not a work visa: work visa requires a sponsor, Permanent Residence don't.

Immigration laws are changing: One day you will wake up and you will not be able to apply any more, maybe your kids can.

Immigration is not mathematics: Point system although in action, prove to be less effective than the real thing, the will to overcome obstacles.

Stop asking for help, Help yourself and you will get help: you have to "want" to immigrate to win, there has to be something real bad that will happen to you if you don't immigrate, otherwise please don't bother.

Do't let fear cripple you: Fear is the enemy, every country in thee world welcomes immigrants, every economy is looking for good immigrants, competition is fierce, and resources in place, don't that bother you.

Bottom line: to succeed:
1- you must have the motivation
2-you must have the money
3- you must have the time

If you have the money, I will give you motivation and time

If you don't, forget it, or buy tickets to my events for a chance to save %80 off your file ($4000 if you were single, Nice, eh!) and ($9000 in savings for a family of three) and more for bigger families.


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