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Once again thank you for taking the time to RSVP and view the page event. As you may know these events have one purpose, and that purpose is to help you solve the problems immigrating to Canada will solve for you. These events are not about me, or anyone else, it is about you and your hopes and dreams to better yourself and about a better tomorrow for your self and your loved ones.

During the event, I've been called a scammer, and I am running a scam, but I kept going, for two reason, these vent was not my idea, it was yours, and because that's who I am, and I knew if I can make a difference even in one person's life every month, then I know I have made a difference, after all I was not born in Canada, I was in your shoes at one time, and I know what it takes to succeed and how not to succeed.
I have also received great feedback and very interesting questions from other guests, that helped improve the whole process.

As you may know from the last message and from the press release Aimne Kanbar ( ) won the first draw, he purchased his tickets through moneygram (store locator link). In the mean time I am in the process of wiring his permanent residence card application.

Now there is second draw coming up kin Feb.10,2010, and because I wanted to ask for your feedback and suggest improvements, no email or name is required as usual, simple jot down your ideas.
click here to leave your feedback, thank you.

and as always share and comment on my entries and feel free to connect anytime.
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About Aims online skilled worker Immigration Event:

Skilled worker online event held by Aims on pages of facebook, helps professionals and talented workers immigration into Canada. Compared with any Canadian immigration attorney, event help save thousands of dollars.

All applications are handled by a specialist and according to Canada Immigration law.
Canada Immigration process is overwhelming and stressful, as in any immigration process, and Aims skill relies in taking this stress out of the process. Skilled worker immigration into Canada is independent a permanent visa, and unlike Canadian spouse immigration does not require immigration sponsorship.
immigration data reveals that Canada issues average of 250000 immigration visas every year. Immigrants can send their citizenship application after living in Canada for three years during five years period.
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