Immigration to Canada | Guide to Skilled workers and Professionals Application Process

How to
apply as a skilled worker from outside Canada| Category 1

Immigration to Canada under the skilled worker or professional visa category does not require a sponsor like a work permit visa and it is the most popular category among the immigration visas people apply to.

I have outlined here below a small guide to how the process of applying for a skilled worker visa works:

1-Pre-assess your qualifications.

Not everyeone is eligible to apply under the skilled worker and professional category. CIC has an eligibility tool on her website which allows you to determine if you may or may not be eligible for a skilled worker immigration visa. Use it as general guide. bottom line is to "become economically established" in Canada if you were granted the visa, this opens discussions to many subjects related to the job market, as the occupations tend to interdepend between each othe, and how you how you present your application to CIC. Consult with a knowledgeable immigration and career consultant becasuse this can break or make your case, and remember it is illegal to provie false information on your application.

2-Obtain the necessary application forms

Application forms can be obtained from the CIC website. CIC has five different categories for the skilled worker: Category one is for persons who have the ability to be economically established based on their education, age, experience and adaptability.

The forms needed are: IMM-0008, IMM-0008 schedule 1, IMM-0008 Schedule 3, IMM 5406, Fmaily information IMM5620, Documents checklist IMM5612, Use of Representative IMM5476 if required.

3- Fill up the application forms as per CIC instructions

CIC also provides you with instruction to complete the application forms. Make sure you sign and date your applications . I don't know if embassies provide these applications or not, most of the feedback I get from people is the embassy tells them to get it online.

4-Calculate your fees

calculate your processing fee for you and your dependant: Skilled worker visa applications must be accompanied by the processing fees for you and your dependants. Your application will not be processed unless you have paid this fee. The amounts is found in the instructions guide published by CIC. Application fees are refunded if you have been found ineligible in the assessment stage done by CIC. You will also be required a "landing fee" when you obtain your visas.

5-Send your applications to CIC.

Your skilled worker application must be mailed to Central Intake Unit in Canada. The address and is found in the application package. How ever be sure on where to indicate where
you request your visa to be processed otherwise your application will be returned. Processing of your visa is done by the processing center responsibly for processing immigration visas for your country of residence.

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