why immigrating (emigrating)to
Canada is not for everyone?

This article uses a recent true case of why Canada is not for everyone and why you should question your immigration motives to make sure you are making the right decision

Last month I announced the winner of the previous prize draw, and frankly it made feel glad that I am helping someone who is sincere and serious about living and working in Canada, but the moment of truth came, the winner backed down, so what happened?

I am not going to mention names here, because it is not the point here, and the winner will not be the last one to back down off filing his PR application with CIC, I see it all the time, so I took some time from my busy schedule to write this to you because I believe you can learn lots of things from this.

Keep in mind that the winner paid for his event tickets and won fair and square, and I announced that, and I sent my congratulations, along with my terms of services. The winner agreed to the terms and service and promised to send the application fees on a certain date. The date went by and the winner did not contact me, I made the contact and the winner said he wants to talk on the phone, so we did, and he promised again to send the application fees, and nothing happens, and I closed the file. What can you learn from this?

1- Immigration motivation:

Although the winner was excited about the chance he got, but his intentions were not sincere, he either was jealous of someone he knew who is living and working in Canada, and he finally realized it and backed down.

2-Immigration means leaving your comfort zone:

It is not easy to do this, so when the moment of truth came, options were weighed, so if you are happy were you are right now, don't sweat it, stay where ever you are.

3-Hiring Immigration help is an exchange of risk:

I wrote and posted about people, who want the visa to knock on their doors and offer herself to them, or they want to pay after they get their visa, which is totally absurd, those kind of people are either jealous, or there are too lazy to get out of their comfort zone, or simply lies, and what happened with the last winner is a living proof.

4-It is a against the law to give visa guarantees:

Immigration service providers, regulated or non-regulated cannot guarantee your visa, it is illegal, when you hire someone to help you, you are minimizing the risk of rejection, how not to get scammed is another issue and I'll be writing about that soon.

5-Immigration is responsibility:

No matter how hard your advisor tries to cook your application, unless you are willing to take responsible action and come out of your comfort zone to make things happen, you are getting no where with your application, which reminds of lots of people who contact me during the pre-assessment period, I request that they take that English test, or that reference letter, or fax that contract, they simply don't, because they are not immigrants material.

Bottom line:

Bottom line, ask yourself, if I stayed where I am now, will my future, or my family, kids and wife future be better off or worse off?
if you are working outside your country of origin, will you get a passport that allows you to travel the world visa-free after three years of residence?
Will you have tax credits, social assistance, unemployment income, housing, free medical care, free schools, old age security, disability income, business start ups, investments, multicultural society where everyone has equal rights??
If you have all that, do me a favor and don't convince yourself Canada is where you want to live and work, and think of Canada as a travel destination, it has a lot to offer, and you are most welcome to contact me for help with your Canada tourist visa.

Group Discussion – What’s your thoughts?

These are few things that will help you question your motives, and I’ve only named a few. So what’s your motive? Do you think immigrants need to be motivated ? Maybe I’m wrong? I want to hear your thoughts. Discuss them in the comments below with the community

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