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What is the cost of giving birth in Montreal?

Hi.  I'm a canadian nonresident.  I got married in Canada and moved to Dubai 2 and a half years ago.  I just found out I'm pregnant and want to give birth in Montreal, but don't know how much it will cost.  I've paid my taxes for so many years, and I never needed my medicare.  Now that I need it, I don't qualify anymore.  I'm so angry but still want to give birth there.  Could you please let me know about the cost and if there are any insuance companies that cover this?

I am sorry about your Medicare, and I can understand the situation you are in.
can you please answer these questions to rule out unsuitable options:

1- what problems delivering your baby in Montreal will solve for you?
2- how many weeks are you in pregnancy?
3- what your current insurance provider says about your coverage delivering in Montreal?

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QUESTION: I want to have my baby in Montreal because that is where my parents live and that is where my husband and I might live in the future. I am 8 weeks into my pregnancy.  As for insurance, I dont have a residency here in the Emirates because my husband and I are travelling all the time and therefore, don't need a residency.  So I am on a visitor's visa which lasts 40 days.  Before the 40 days are up, we usually travel to neighboring countries anyway.  We thought of applying for a residency here so I can get international insurance, but once I asked some experts who work in insurance companies, they said that no insurance company will insure a pregnant woman.  So i feel jipped from all sides. PLEASE help me.  Thank you.

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Diana Salem said...

Answer: Hi Hanan,
I recommend that you move to Montreal at least 4 months before your due date to be eligible for insurance coverage from Qc.



if you are returning to Québec, you will have to apply for a new health insurance card. The first step is to contact Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec by phone so that they can access your file. You will be, then, explained what you have to do.

To speak with an agent, you must call during office hours. However, by calling one of the following numbers at any time, you can obtain information through the Health Insurance Infoline, our voice response system.
Québec: 418 646-4636
Montréal: 514 864-3411
Elsewhere in Québec, toll-free: 1 800 561-9749

There will possibly be a three months waiting period before you are eligible; however, health care related to pregnancy and childbirth is covered even during the waiting period.

Please note that you will be eligible for a health insurance card only if you come to take residence in Québec and can prove that you will be a resident for at least 183 days a year.

Here are the approximative amounts billed to the Régie to deliver a baby, if there is no additionnal intervention and no complication:

-natural delivery of one baby, with no complication: 360$.
-Delivery by c-section: 384$
-First care of the newborn by a pediatrist: 55$.

Those amounts are, again, approximations, and they could easily be different, because the amount billed depend on every single medical act that has to be done by the physician. The exact cost can be determined only afterwards. Also, they can be different if the person is not a resident in Québec - in that case, the physician can decide on a rate as he or she wishes.

Also, please take account that these are only the cost of the delivery itself. It does not include hospital services (room, meals, blood work, etc.). If you want to have an idea of those fees, you must ask the hospitals.

We hope that you will find this reply helpful.

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Anonymous said...

how much would it cost if this scenario was for the pregnant mum to move to BC and not Quebec?
also, would any doctor in Canada agree to deliver a baby that they did not have history on during most of the pregnancy?
hope you can help with my questions.

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Anonymous said...

hi am a visitor an hold a visitors status...i got pregnant for my boyfriend we've been together for 1yrs an 6mths..i dont have a medicare card and the hospitals says i have to deposit 10.000 to get my baby, are there any solution for living in montreal

Anonymous said...


My husband and I are new immigrants to QC and we will land in Montreal on October 5th .I am pregnant now and delivery of baby will be just 2 months after our landing in QC. as I understood, the pregnancy services are free of charge even during the 3 months waiting period for health-care services. Is it true ?

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