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Can I apply for a Permanent Residency immediately I get into Canada?

Good day Diana
Please I have been issued a study permit to study masters degree with a view to Ph.D. in Canada...Please can I apply for a Permanent Residency immediately I get into Canada? or do I need to have studied for one year in Canada before I can apply? I have a two year experience in Oil and gas processing (One year placement and one year full time employment).

Someone told me that I can only apply for PR inside Canada when I must have completed 12 months in Canada as a student.........

Please I would appreciate your advice if I can apply immediately when I arrive and resume studies since I have work experience? rather than waiting for one year. Also another issue I am afraid of is, during my study permit Interview, I made it clear to the Visa office that I will go back after my studies, Please will this assertion affect my application for PR if I'm eligible since it is in contrary to what I told the Visa officer in my study permit application??

Thanks and I would appreciate your response
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Diana Salem said...

Hi Valentine,
you can apply for a PR without waiting one year, you will be assessed against the points system for factors like education, language, work experience, age and adaptability, and not to the time you will spend in Canada . Mail your application to CIO in NS, Canada.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your response, now I am cleared with the doubt.Please can I ask these follow up questions

1..Since I made it clear in my study permit interview that I will leave Canada after studies, will that now affect the decision of my PR application?

2. Please can I arrange and collect Police Certificate from the UK(country of resident) and my country before coming to Canada? because it will be difficult for me to get in when I am already in Canada and have resumed studies

3. Also, as a current student in Canada, do I still need to show availability of fund as stated in the CIC website (about 11,056 CAD) for single application?

4. Also I understand I from the CIC website that I need to include my relatives and spouse names even if they are not accompanying me to Canada, and that I cannot sponsor anyone not included in my initial application.....As in my Case, I am not yet married and I dont have a fiancee or a clue of who I will marry in future...does it mean that I can't sponsor someone when I eventually marry someone in the future

Please I would appreciate these clarification so as to enable me make preparations before arriving Canada for my studies in order to apply immediately I get to Canada.

Thannk you

Diana Salem said...

These are the answers to your follow up question in the same order:
1. No, since if you were found ineligible for a PR you still have to leave Canada.
2. yes you can.
3. yes.
4. when you become a permanent resident you can sponsor your spouse, provided you meet eligibility requirements.


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