Apply for fresher job in Canada

Apply for fresher job in Canada

This is vijay and now iam studing MSc computer networking at University of Bedfordshire in uk.After completing my course i want to work in canada SO could anyone tell me right information about how will apply for fresher job in canada in only networking field

Diana Salem
31 Mar 2010, 13:37
how will apply for fresher job in Canada
I recommend finding people who work in your industry on linkedin and similar pro. sites.
probe them for information about requirements and tell them you would be interested to know about any job leads, and keep in touch with them on mutual interests.
you might also have to travel for interviews, so be prepared to do that to.
I might also have more ideas
Again when you ask to apply for a job in canada you are only looking for temp residence and economic risk
so I recommend if you moved to study in canada and apply for a PR from within
or apply for PR from outside canada, it is a lot less riskier.
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