Announcing My Early Immigration Scam Detection Service

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I receive lots of emails and my assistant collects lots of internet stories about people being scammed trying to immigrate. I also read about lots of emails about people afraid to take any risk. I can understand all of that, and you know what, you have to be a risk taker and get out of your comfort zone once in while to be able to immigrate to Canada, but that does not mean you have to be a victim of scam.

At the same time you have to be rational and and not drive yourself into a scam because some one painted you a rosy picture about getting your that visa that you have always dream about and you know in your guts you can not get it.

You can not expect the visa to come to you if you wrote about that on the internet, you have to have realistic goals, and expect to lose some money in the process seeking at least an advice , and also have an expectation of your immigration costs. Any immigration file can easily total five thousands dollars, ask yourself: do I have this amount? if not, do your self a favor and move on with your life.

Bottom line, immigration is not for everybody, and scammers know that, let me give you some tips in this field  from my own experience from people who came crying out of scam:

  • On a local level: Scammers  ask for your passport, and they want to get you into a country on a visitor visa by making up some fraudulent documents, and gives you guarantees that you will get your visa, problem if you agreed to that, you also in th eyes of authorities become a scammer and a fraudulent.
  •  On the international level: they don't ask for a passport, they send you a forged job offer, promising you lots of money, they also give guarantees you will obtain a work permit and immigration visa, and they are not done yet, they refer you to an immigration service provider where you have to pay a lump sum of money to start the process, and you also become a scammer.

Unfortunately embassies do not involve themselves in disputes and you can't go to an embassy and ask them to investigate, it is not their job, that is why I am announcing today, an early immigration scam detection service. If you have been in contact with anyone who can guarantee you a visa or sends you a job offer to Canada out of no where let me know and I will be glad to help.

let me know how things turned out and if my advice worked out for you, and please leave feedback.

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