Stop Beating yourself: Will I find a Job in Canada?

Believe it or not, intending immigrants should not worry themselves with finding a job before they begin their immigration. Canada has already done this for them before they even thought about it. What they should be worried about is information about soft skills, the skills needed to get the job done.

Canada worries too much about the knowledge of it's workforce, and strive to equip them with everything they need to find jobs they like, that is the beauty of what is going on in Canada.

Having said that, the question that an intending immigrant should really ask herself/ himself? Do I want to make Canada my home? If yes, that is all that is required, and the rest of the process is an immigration file and a visa.

Because jobs come and go, the economy change, industries fell apart or re-engineer themselves, you can't possibly build your immigration on one single question, will I find a job in Canada, and keep beating yourself with it. Canada has decided about that, the real question is:

Have you decided to make Canada your home? Do I have what it takes to become Canadian?

Does these thoughts scare you? 
Discussion and comments on this subject are welcome.

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