Top Rated Answers: Are Canada's Central Provinces Easier to Become Canadian?

If you are immigrating to Canada, are the central provinces easier to become a citizen in?

I am a american citizen born in USA. I am now trying to move to canada. Are the central provinces easier to move to?

I have always wanted to do this ever since I was a little kid, so as you can imagine, I would prefer to become a citizen as early as possible with no delays. I was originally looking at moving to British Columbia, however it seems immigrating would be a little easier in a different province.

I am also trying to pick a canadian university to attend to hopefully become a skilled worker

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Immigration to Canadian provinces is employer-driven, which means you have to land a job first with a Canadian employer before you file for immigration with the federal government. If the employer is willing to wait for you,
if not you can apply for a work permit at the border and after spending a year or two you can apply for a permanent residence on the federal level.

If you prefer to become a citizen as early as possible your best bet is direct/ independent immigration, and how it works is, depending on your qualifications, the federal government may or may not issue you a PR visa.

You can live anywhere you like in Canada once you have your PR.

If you plan to immigrate through the student scheme, they call it the Canadian Experience Class, you have to actually graduate from a post secondary program and have at least one year of work experience under a student work permit.

You still have to pay for tuition and living expenses and you would not be eligible for any financial aid. Which is not the case if you applied directly or interdependently to Canada

The minimum age is the age that allows you to have the right level of education and work experience to become economically established in Canada. (+18)

let me know how things turned out with you and if my advice worked out for you.



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