Top Rated Answers: Will Master of Arts degree from USA allow me to work and settle in USA?

Will Master of Arts degree from USA allow me to work and settle in USA?

What is the post-study work and settlement scope in USA? I wish to earn higher degree from a US university to work in my preferred career and get permanent residence

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There is no post-study work and settlement scope in USA. It simply does not exist in the immigration regulations of USA that an international student can apply for permanent resident in USA when they graduate. Plain and simple. What you can do though is apply for a temp or permanent residence while you are studying or about to finish if you qualify, by that I mean if you found a sponsor, like an employer or future family member who can sponsor you. It is a long haul to the green card if you found an employer.

Mind you, you can not enter USA if you are planning on this, it is grounds for inadmissibility. To obtain a student visa, you must be covered financially and have ties to your country. I know it puzzles a lot of people, and the best way to address this is to truthfully wanting to study in USA to make your life better outside USA.

You do not have to study in USA to actually become employed. A better way is to talk to people who have similar careers on sites like linkedin. Do not ask for jobs though, ask for information on the type of skills needed, salaries, qualifications and most importantly introductions trying to reach the decision maker in your employer target list ( did I mention that before you start you have to have a list of major employers in your industry), and travel to meet with the decision makers. It is very much less expensive than hundred thousands dollars. ( for more on this tip and how to make work for you contact )

Another alternative you might want to consider is becoming a permanent residence of Canada, this way you are in a better strategic position to land your job of your dreams in USA. USA and Canada have close ties and it has proven to be useful in employment.

let me know how things turned out and if my advice worked out for you, and please leave feedback and comments.

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Hi, Diana!

Crisp, precise, decent, and comprehensive answer indeed. Answers everything and helps me in decision making. You have saved a lot of my harassment. I am so lucky to have your expert views. Yes, Canada I should be exploring.

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