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Diana Salem Announces Her Early Immigration Scam Detection Service

Amidst immigration scam concerns, Diana Salem, spokesperson for Aims Canada Immigration Service, has just announced a new early immigration scam detection service that she is offering.

The inspiration for this service came after receiving a lot of emails and reading several stories on the internet about people who, in their desire to immigrate, had fallen victim to immigration scams offering them the visa that they had always dreamed of getting.  Scammers know that not everybody is eligible for immigration, and they take advantage of this fact by painting a rosy picture of the immigration process, making it seem simple and inexpensive.  In reality, filing for immigration can easily total five thousand dollars.  Offers that make it seem otherwise can be really attractive to somebody who has a strong desire to immigrate, and they can easily fall prey to immigration scams as a result.   

There are several signs to be aware of in order to avoid falling into the trap of such an immigration scam.  On the local level, scammers will pull you in by guaranteeing that you will get your visa.  They will ask you for your passport and offer to get you into the country with a visitor visa by making up some fraudulent documents.  You can get into a lot of trouble with the authorities if you submit to this plan.  By agreeing to it, you will also be considered a scammer and you will be seen as committing a fraud in the eyes of authority. 

On the international level, while scammers will not ask you for your passport, they will send you a forged job offer and promise you a lot of money.  They will also guarantee that you will obtain a worker’s permit and immigration visa to get you to agree.  They will then refer you to an immigration service provider where you will have to pay a lump sum of money to start the immigration process, wherein you become a scammer as well.  It is important to recognize the signs of a scam so you can prevent this from happening.

Unfortunately, if you have been solicited by a scammer, you will not be able to approach an embassy and request them to investigate, as they do not involve themselves in disputes.  To fill this void, Diana Salem from Aims Canada Immigration Service is providing an early immigration detection service to those who have been in contact with somebody who has guaranteed a visa or who, out of the blue, has sent a job offer to Canada.  In her Citizenship and Immigration Canada blog, she writes, “You have to be a risk taker and get out of your comfort zone once in a while to be able to immigrate to Canada, but that does not mean you have to be a victim of scam.”   If you have been approached by an immigration scammer, Diana Salem asks you to contact her because she can help. 

Diana Salem is a Legal Secretary and Spokesperson for Aims Canada Immigration Service . Visit Immigration Scam Detection to order her Early Immigration Scam Detection Service and book a consultation today.

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