Canada Faster Immigration Review: Part 1

Background of the June 26,2010 Decision: Government of Canada will welcome more economic immigrants in 2010, Part 1

You probably read about the new development in the Federal skilled worker category, and you are wondering if Canada is putting a limit on the number of visas for skilled worker, how come CIC is talking about "Welcoming More Economic Immigrants in 2010" !

Economic immigrants are prospect immigrants applying under the following categories:

  1. Skilled Workers
  2. Business Immigrants/ Business Start Ups
  3. Canada Bonds Investors Permanent Residence Visa
  4. Provincial Nominees
  5. Caregivers

CIC said it will put a cap on the first one from the "intake" side, which is the new applications. So, according to this, only 20k new intake applications will be considered and the rest of the number will be taken from the current backlog in the skilled worker category estimated to be 500k, which is a big number.

CIC with the new reforms which started in 2008, had done a great job in reducing the backlog from 900k to 500k, but the amount of applications  received has far exceeded CIC capacity to process the new applications, that is why the policy had to be adjusted as the Minister explained and put a limit on the number of new applications of the FSW category.

Looking at the statistics for the last ten years, Federal Skilled worker category applications processed every year was on average 50k, so starting June 26, 2010, each year 20k new application will be processed and the rest of the 50k will be taken from the backlog in order to maintain the number of new immigrants to Canada, which is budgeted to be around 250k-260k every year.

The press release adds that only the Federal skilled worker will be effected by these changes, which means other immigration options, such as the Canadian Experience Class for intentional students and applicants with job offers, self employed applicants, investors (although on hold till Dept. 2010)  will still be available as usual, 

In the next post, I'll go deep into who will be effected by these changes, and for how long these changes will last, and how the new applications will be dealt with, so make sure you sign up to my newsletter, or my RSS, or follow me on twitter  or facebook to stay updated.

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Anonymous said...

Why does CIO stopped issuing initial assesments? I send my application last April 28, 2010 until now I have not receive any notice. Would you mind shedding some light why is this? Are we affected with the June 26, 2010 ministerial instructions?

Thanks & more power to you..

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