Canada Faster Immigration Review: Part 2

Canada New Faster Immigration Is a Win-Win Situation for All Parties 

Canada Faster Immigration Review Part 1
Based on the new plan for Faster Immigration, Canada will continue to welcome the same numbers of immigrants, but it will split the number of the Federal skilled workers, between people stuck in traffic ( the backlog) and the people who want to pursue a future in Canada and join the labour force as permanent residences.

This is good news for people who have been waiting any years for a decision on their applications, this will create a chance for them to speed up the process, and close their applications.

On the other hand, this will create a competition between new applicants applying under this category to apply before a cap is reached.

Given the fact that only %78 of applicants make it through the whole process, this situation will continue for at least 5 years before we can actually see a change to fully reopen this category again, because once the backlog is cleared, economic growth will force CIC to add more occupations and rise the cap once again.

What occupations are currently in demand? 
Remember that to be eligible under the federal skilled category, your occupation must be one that requires university education, college or apprenticeship training (learning a trade)
The new list reflects the need in hospitality, natural resources, business services, Insurance, construction, health care, social services, skilled trades, heavy duty machine services and operations.

So as you can see the occupation list still is big, and new applicants will experience frustration and anxiety when applying because of the new cap, but it will ease up in the future.

Applicants with arranged employment (job offers) obtained from Canadian employers will not be effected.

Temporarily Workers and International Students in Canada.
Another interesting thing about the new rules is that Temp foreign workers and international students can can only apply under this category if they have an offer of employment or experience in one of the in demand occupations.

Although there is no limit on the number of applicants with a job offer, applications under the skilled worker category received after the cap is reached will be returned to applicants with processing fees.

When will it all start?
CIC will start counting applications from July 1st from every year, and given the new limits and data of CIC operations, I can say that %78 percent of the applications will not be returned, and in general this will be a win win situation for everyone: CIC who's job is to run  this operation, the economy, applicants and people waiting in the backlog.

In Post number 3, I will be talking about other immigration options, how to bypass the cap and a little known  immigration regulation that can help you in breaking barriers to work in Canada.

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