Canada Makes Changes to The List of The High Demands List and Limits Drastically the Number of Applicantions That Can Be processed in a Clander Year.

Today CIC made new changes to the High Demand Occupations list by making it shorter and placing caps on the number of applications that can be processed in a year.

Only applicants with occupations on the High Demand list are eligible to apply under the  Federal Skilled worker.The Federal Skilled Worker is the most popular cartegory and most people apply becasue they think it is the easiest and most cost effective way to immigrate to Canada.

FSW applications received  after June 26, 2010 will be dealt with according to the new list, other categories will not be effected.

Another major and suprising change is CIC placed a cap on the number of application that will be considered for processing, this cap is 20,000 application only or a 1000 per occupation. Canada is adjusting its 2010 immigration plan to put even greater emphasis on economic recovery and further reduce the federal skilled worker backlog.

The Government is also proposing new eligibility criteria for the immigrant investor program so it makes an even greater contribution to the Canadian economy. Proposed regulatory changes will require new investors to have a personal net worth of $1.6M, up from $800,000, and make an investment of $800,000, up from $400,000.

So, Canada is now playing along with other countries such as Newzealand, Australia and the UK , matching, supply of applicatants, processing capacity and today's labour market numbers, with overalll economic recovery of Canada from recession.

Canadian Immigration Policy now seems to shift toward immigrants who can create their own jobs/ businesses, or invest at least 800 K  or be able to finance that amount with 240k, in goverment bonds.

CIC Minister noted that some of his provincial colleagues expect the need for skiilled immigrants will grow further in the years ahead. “This is something we will need to take into consideration when we consult more broadly on plans for future years,” he said.

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this is you know if this will affect the people who apply within Canada as well,or only the applicants who apply from abroad ?

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