Immigration consultants - Fees in Canada

How much an immigration consultant can charge for filing an application for permanent residence or temporary work permit? 
Consultant fee is only part of the equation, you have to think about travel and settlement expenses, if you are alone, Canada asks for 10.5 K and if you are married it increase about 3k per person.
so think about that, if you can pay for an immigration consultant, you still need cash for the above mentioned expenses.
In General fees varies depending on your case, and the type of immigration visas.Did you know that an investor visa costs a lot more than a immigrant skilled worker visa? On average a skilled worker case can easily cost 3k, a good consultant would stay with you all the way, from the date of filling to the date the visa is issued, with all the things that come in between, embassy requests, file updates, advice, fall back issues, interviews, job and labor market information, career plan, and if newcomers service is required it can double to 6k.
Therefore, have yourself assessed first, know what you are getting into, hidden costs can ruin your immigration, I am giving you  information from someone who has been there and done that on a daily basis. It is about, consultant fees, application fees, travel expenses, newcomer expenses and settlement funds.

Meanwhile, the CIC is now in the process of re-evaluating rules that regulates the work of immigration consultants, registered and independent consultants can help you file your case, until further notice. 
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