Busted | Learn How to Spot Bad Immigration Consultants Part1

I received a news alert two days ago about Toronto Police arresting an immigration consultant who have been practicing for a while, targeting students professionals and business people from abroad, charging an up-front fee and do no work and stop all communication once he had the money, the police report said.

I decided look up this firm and see if they have a website and they did and I was not surprised when I looked at the website of the outcome of their operation, and I am going to lay it down for you on how to spot red flags that tells you will be a victim of fraud.

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The reason I am doing this is to educate you and help you not to put your money in the wrong hands and help you see the positive reality of immigration to Canada.

1. Do not be impressed with websites.
one of the victims said: "The website for this firm is a very impressive website which will easily impress a person who is seeking for an immigration help." 

So, there you have it, it is true what wisdom says: ":looks deceives" so, online presence is good but don't make that a deciding factor.

2. Do not be impressed with memberships. 
Regulated and non-regulated members fail to complete their duty towards their clients alike. Memberships can have a positive and a negative effect on your case cost too, regulated members charge higher fees to pass the cost of membership to you and some memberships are revoked without you knowing it.

So, membership is a neutral factor and should not be a deciding factor.

3. Do not be impressed with "free assessment forms".  
I see it all the time, free assessments, just fill in your details and we will fix you up. I have said it before and I say it again, free assessments do not work, why give your details over a website to no one knows what's on the other side?

I have always hated free assessment forms, I do not believe they give a true picture of any one's situations and it does not provide you with options.

Talented immigration consultant do not need assessment tools to figure out it you qualify or not, trust me, they like to ask few  questions, straight to the point to per-assess your case and give you options.

I'll continue with this series later on, remember this article is available for syndication and feel free to share it on your favorite social network and thanks again for visiting my site.

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