Busted | Learn How to Spot Bad Immigration Consultants Part 2

This is part 2 of the new series: " Busted | How to spot a Bad Immigration Consultant. This part is also free to syndicate (publish on other sites) and share with your friends on social networks. Hope you enjoy it.  This is another three tips that I hope will educate you more on immigration to Canada. Make sure you link back to this post.

4.Look for overpormises: Examine the message the thought after consultant is sending, is it an overpromise? three or four months to obtain an immigration visa is simply not possible under normal circumstances. Trying to squeeze you in an immigration category is also an overpromise.  Real immigration consultant will underpromise and overdeliver, they will tell you that they have no control over things they don't control like visa issuance, processing time. They can provide average waiting times as these are published by Canada.

5. Do they value their time: Time is very important to real immigration consultants, that is why you see these free assessment forms ( you know by now I hate those assessment forms), they have no time to waste. But again their email replies are professional and to the point, and ask lots of questions and they charge for consultation, if they don't they are wasting their time and you should know a good immigration consultat does not waste time.

6. Talk to your consultant by email: Real immigration consultant are not afriad to place their profiles on their webpages, with a contact link. Take that chance and contact them, read their replies. Real immigration consultant are skpetics toward your immigration motives, they don't draw a rosy picture for you, they tell you it is going to take effort they will try to find out why you are making this move, they don'tm want to waste time, they want to know if you meet the basic requirments. They ask a lot of questions: about you, your spouse your children, and if you don't qualify they tell you you don't.

7. What type of guarantees they give you? This is key: if they give you guarnatees, get ready for a scam. Nothing is guaranteed, and Canada prevents any immigration advisor from given any gaurantees even if they know their clients meets the requirments. This is a tough market, regualtions changes fast, and no good consultant will take the risk of giving you guarantees she can't keep.

I have more tips for you in part three so I will see you there. Remember this article is free to syndicate (publish on other website) and feel free to share it on your favoriate social network and thanks again for visiting my site. Make sure you link back to this post.

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