Busted | Learn How to Spot Bad Immigration Consultants Part 3

This is part 3 and the last of the new series: " Busted | How to spot a Bad Immigration Consultant". This part is also free to syndicate (publish on other sites) and share with your friends on social networks. Hope you enjoy it.  I hope will educate you more on immigration to Canada. Make sure you link back to this post and leave some feedback at the end.

7. What type of screening they provide?
If you were told that an immigration consultant can obtain you an immigration visa just by providing your personal information personal history and your passport, then you are being scammed. 

Immigration  regulations are always changing and you have to be sure that you not only fit the immigration profile but also have the financial means to travel and settle down.

Canada currently asks that an adult holds at least 11.5 K and 2k per additional family member. Real immigration consultant will evaluate all this and more.

8. what type of fees do they ask for?
If they asking you to pay after the visa is issued, believe or not, it is a scam, because there are many expenses associated with filing an immigration application with CIC, application fees and administrative fees, ain't no legit consultant going to tell you you will pay me after the visa is issued.

When this happen you will be asked for your passport and a fake visa will be handed to you, so be very careful because you will end up in jail even though you were the victim.

9. Is there any buyer protection?
Legit immigration consultant offer buyers protection they evaluate your case and have an idea how your file will be processed but they never give any guarantees. Buyer protection includes minimizing your risk of financial loss to bare minimum in case your file was rejected, but that is not all, legit immigration consultant also will appeal your case. Some strategies requires that your file be rejected to know where the fault is, and legit immigration consultant s know that they have many chances to apply.

On the contrary, bad consultant will only give you one chance,. the chance they needs to scam you,. Rejection is not a big deal, you can always apply again and again.

10. Do they offer a written agreement?
Written agreement is key but this is not all,. I have heard of cases where prospect immigrants are approached by immigration consultant offering them a written job offer and a written immigration agreement, so be aware of this scam,.

Written agreement should be balanced, and should include not only your protection as a buyer but also protect the immigration consultant also from unforeseen conditions. Some immigrants fail the health check so it is not the immigration consultant fault. Application fees should also be non refundable and all amounts after your case has been approved for processing should be non refundable. Don't be surprised, like I explained before you can always ask your immigration consultant to appeal your decision.

11. Does the agreement defines both your responsibilities?
 Written agreement should also define responsibilities of each party. You as a consumer have a responsibility to provide your consultant with accurate information and documentation  and the immigration consultant have the responsibility to make every effort to prepare and present your case to CIC according to predefined rules of Canada.

Bad immigration consultants do not care they will accept your case and will help you cook some documents, so be very careful this is illegal and you might be charged with immigration fraud and be banned from applying for number of years.

12. How they talk about Canada?
Canad is a very good country, but it is not for everyone. If you unable to integrate in the Canadian society, you will be miserable.

Bad immigration consultant will give you false information on Canada, they will paint an image that is beyond anyone expectation to lure you into their scam. Real immigration consultant will probe for your expectation and will be Conservative in their views and will give you an honest expectations.

In conclusion, it might surprise you how legit immigration consultant work. You might thought that they should give you guarantees of some sort, nothing can be farther than the truth. No legit immigration consultant will accept to take your case. it is not magic either, it is you either fit the profile or you don't. In case you don't legit immigration consultant will provide options for you, real options based on real expectations and not on delusions. So be fair to yourself.


You are not required to hire a representative. The Government of Canada treats all applicants equally, whether they have a representative or not. If you hire a representative, we will not give your application special attention or process it faster, and you will not get a more favourable outcome. At this time people who can represent you are: authorized representatives such as lawyers, Notaries of QC, members of the CSIC. People who provide immigration-related advice or assistance for a fee before the application is filed are not obliged to be authorized representatives

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