Government of Canada proposing new changes to immigrant skilled worker program - Part 2- Age

In a News release on Feb. 17, 2011, CIC said that it is proposing changes to the Federal skilled Worker Category, and after reviewing how well newcomers are doing, CIC is consulting with key stakeholders on the following proposed changes of the intake criteria:

1- Age
2- Language requirements (i.e. the communication factor) 
3- Increase newcomers' numbers of trades people and manual craftsmanship.

These proposed changes will not change the current rules of the federal skilled worker category, instead it will redistribute points among the six selection criteria currently CIC is using to grade applications.

Let's have a detailed look at how CIC is proposing to do the job.

How age will fit in the new immigration to canada formula?
 Data's interpretation found that newcomers between 20 and 40 have double the chance to obtain employment and blend in the work force and become economically established, and hence the impact on the Canadian economy, or as the Minister put in “To stay competitive globally".

On the other hand, newcomers  age 45 or older had experienced lower employment rate and fewer earnings, and double the unemployment rate of younger skilled workers. This does not include all immigrants in this bracket.

If we take a look at the current  age points' grid, newcomers in the age bracket 21-49 are awarded a maximum of ten points. CIC is placing a greater emphasis on young workers, and awarding new applicants 12 points until age 35, and zero points for ages 50 and above.

So, under these changes, you are in a better position to immigrate if you are between the ages of 20 and below 40.

Does this mean that if you are 45, you will not be able to immigrate to Canada? 
The answer is no for two reasons:
1- You will be given lower points for your age, according to these propositions but you will have to compensate for that from the other selection factors, as CIC is placing greater emphasis on language and craftsmanship.

2- You will be able to break into other immigration categories such as, investor,entrepreneur or self-employment , which requires 50% fewer points to obtain permanent residence in Canada, and allows to kick off your life in Canada based on your business skills and not your employability.

How would age affect your application under the new proposed selection system?
Under the proposed changes, applicants in their 20s and 30s, who would not be selected under the current rules, would be selected under the proposed rules, provided other factors such as targeted occupation and language requirements are met,  as you shall see in then next post.

At the end of this part 2 on age of immigrants and newcomers, you will start to realize the interdependence between age and immigration.  Applicants between the ages 20 and 40 will be awarded 10-12 points, and older applicant will be awarded fewer points on the age factor.  Applicants 50 or more will be not be awarded any points.

In part 3-, I'll take a look at the proposed changes in language requirements, and how it will affect your application. Stay tuned, and follow me everywhere on the internet.

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