Government of Canada proposing new changes to immigrant skilled worker program - Part 5- Work Experience

Work Experience: Redirecting points from work experience to Language Proficiency 

At present, only four years of foriegn work experience is required to obtain 21 points of the 67 points required to pass the immigration assessment.

CIC said, if canadian employers don't put so much weight on this factor, why should we?. CIC research data said that language abilities are far important in obtaining employment, so that's excatly what we will propose.

The propositon is as follows:

  • Reduce the maximum points that can be awarded for work experience from 21 to 15.
  • Increase the number of years required to achieve the 15 points.
  • Diverting points from work experience to language abilitiles, which play far important role in the new immigrant employment.

Check out this senario:  An applicant with solid professional knowledge, and basic language skills, is selected under the current selection system. However under the proposed changes, she would not be selected because she is not "able to write her license exam and practice her intended profession in Canada".

So, work experience will lose points to language abilities of the intending FSW immigrant. Ability to practice an occupation in Canada depends on what the occupational profile of that occupation says about their language abilities. To give you an exmaple. Tradespeople will not require  the same skill level required by people in healtcare industry, and hence they will have easier access to the system.

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