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Loss Adjusting Jobs 

Loss Adjusters work in the insurance and financial services industry. They are also called  Insurance Adjusters and Claims Examiners, and according to CIC, and for this the time being year 2011-2012 employers are having hard time finding Insurance Adjusters. Okay, let's have a look at this job.

Insurance adjusters investigate insurance claims and determine the amount of loss or damages covered by insurance policies. They are employed in claims departments of insurance companies or as independent adjusters. Insurance claims examiners examine claims investigated by insurance adjusters and authorize payments. They are employed at head offices or branches of insurance companies.

Included job titles: adjuster, claims examiner, claims representative, insurance adjuster.

How to become a Insurance Loss Adjuster

Employment Requirements

Employment requirements are prerequisites generally needed to enter an occupation.

  • Completion of High school and above,  or 
  • Work experience in the insurance industry
  • Completion of insurance industry courses
  • independent adjusters require a provincial licence issued by the Superintendent of Insurance in the province or territory of employment.

A Typical Day

A bonus of the profession is the variety in the daily routine which ranges from the examination and photographing of an accident scene and vehicles and securing witness statements on an auto loss to the investigation of a fire scene and the review of findings of police and fire officials. Discussions with insureds regarding the amount of their loss, the contractors and garages regarding damages, the detailed review of documents, prepares one for report writing in which the findings are communicated to the insurance company.

Where Are The Jobs?

Seven major types of employers are actively seeking qualified individuals:
  1. Insurance Companies
  2. Reinsurance Companies
  3. Insurance Agencies
  4. Brokerage Firms
  5. Adjusting Firms
  6. Insurance Associations
  7. Risk Managers

Licensing requirements

All independent adjusters must be licensed to operate. Licensing requirements vary by province, (check the Career and Education section on our website), however normally it is necessary to complete eight specified courses through The Insurance Institute of Canada, and in some areas to pass an oral exam.

Licensing qualifications are obtained while the candidate is employed by an independent adjusting firm. You may begin and even complete the required courses prior to being hired by an independent adjusting firm, however, there will still be a training period. Courses are taught at the Insurance Institutes, Community Colleges and can be taken by correspondence. For further information on the courses contact your local Insurance Institute.