Your Questions About Canada Jobs For Immigrants

George asks…

Is it easy for immigrants to get jobs in Canada ?

How easy it is for immigrants to get jobs in Canada in their own trade ? It might depend from one trade to other, but if you are into a niche segment (e.g, SEO, Internet marketing ) what is the possibility ?
Do you get paid by proper industry standards or is there a compromise ?

Diana answers:

Once you are accepted as a Permanent Resident, you are on the same terms as anyone else.
The problem is getting in as Permanent Resident, as they take your skills into account, and whether there is demand for workers with your skill set.
John asks…

are there opportunities for jobs for immigrants in canada ?

jobs in professional fields like finance, accounting especially in vancouver or british columbia, alberta

Diana answers:

Of course. You will need to check with the appropriate Canadian professional body that your qualifications are OK before you apply.
Joseph asks…

where can i find jobs for working immigrants to Canada

Im planning on getting a temporary working visa to Canada, im planning on immigrating to Canada sometime next year and am planning on living and working there for a year, the province in Canada i would like to immigrate to is British Columbia, would like to know if anyone knows of any sites that i can go on which can help me to find work for temporary immigrants, would like to work in a bar or a supermarket as that would be the best type of work for a temporary immigrant to get.
Any info would be much appreciated.

Diana answers:

You can find jobs by doing a search on a job listing sites like Indeed Jobs
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