Your Questions About Canada Migration From India

Jenny asks…

Migration to Canada or California from India?

I am a Bcom graduate with a total of 16yrs work experience out of which 8 yrs I have experience working in a secretarial position and rest experience is in the international BPO industry . I am passoinate about settleing in Canada or California will I get work opportunity and if yes what is the procedure to imgration and the time duration it willm take if I start applying now . The cost involved in it , and what do I need to do in order to accomplish this task . Please help me . I have no guidance that is why I have raised this question to start of with . I am single so I can migrate .

Diana answers:

Well the best and most certain is that you report in the embassy of the country you wish to travel.
They look as if your documents are in order, so that there is no problem in wanting to travel and do not bring any disappointment.
Mandy asks…

How do i migrate to USA or Canada from India?

I am an Indian citizen and i wish to migrate to the USA and live as well as work there. I am currently 21 years old and i am a graduate in Bcom and i will be soon pursuing my futher studies in Media and Filmmaking. I am interested in working in the United States and moving there permanantly also, what procedure needs to be followed for Migration?

Diana answers:

You don’t want to come to america especially if things are going well where you are. People are losing jobs (with or without degree) and homes everyday and there is some now going around that came from mexico. If i were you i would stay home.
Donna asks…

What are the pros and cons of migration to another nation?

Before applying the application for migrating to Canada from India, I would like to know the list of pros and cons of migration….. please help, Thanks!

Diana answers:

I think it would be more appropriate if you asked to the immigration office that’s closer to you, and they would give you some links where to look for, or places for inquiring.
If u want to know the general pros and cons i’ll speak for myself(Italian in Ireland):
I miss my family to bits
I haven’t got support when i am lonely or sick or tired of working and minding my baby
I miss my culture, italian food, the sunshine (ireland’s always rainy and windy.
Feeling estranged sometimes as this is not my OWN country/culture
New rich culture to love
U meet ppl from all around d world, all walks of life
Wonderful natural landscapes
cultural, personal and spiritual growth
Linguistic and work-related growth
an open mind
better money
That’s my experience related of course to what I was looking for in my life
anyway we’ll go back to Italy for good next month so my Irish chapter is nearly over.
REMEMBER: Moving abroad is an absolutely wonderful experience, but also a tough one
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