Your Questions About Canadian Dual Citizenship Application

James asks…

Getting a dual citizenship? I’m Canadian and I want a citizenship to be able to live in America.?

How do you go about getting an American citizenship? How long does it take to get the application, and receive word of my success or failed attempt? How much does it cost? Do I need to get a job in the states first before I apply? Do I need to show reason for moving? I think it would be great to be able to live in two of the worlds greatest countries.

Diana answers:

You will need to contact an immigration lawyer who will help you through the naturalization process. No, I don’t think you need to show reason for moving but it’ll probably will be asked.
George asks…

If my grandparent was born in the U.S, can I gain dual citizenship? I am a Canadian?

I have read ” Grandparent rule. One obscure ruling of section 322 of a 1994 immigration law enabled persons to emigrate to the United States if they could prove that a grandparent was a citizen.[52] In 2006, there were 4,000 applications of citizenship through grandparents. While parents of any nationality can use the law, Israelis comprise 90% of those taking advantage of the clause.[52]“.

Diana answers:

Give it a go if you feel like wasting money.
Citizenship is passed down via parent to child. Not to mention the parent has to prove they have lived in the US for 5 yrs, 2 of which after the age of 14..prior to the childs birth.
The only way a child can derive citizenship via a grandparent is if the childs parents have died, and there is not another relative in the other country that can take care of the child, basically leaving the US grandparent as the next of kin. Thats it.
You feel froggy, go ahead and leap.
Donald asks…

What are the simplest steps to becoming a Canadian Citizen?

I am a Canadian Citizen, but I am marrying an American citizen. We either want to get dual citizenship, or he would like to become a Canadian. We’ve been recommended that he needs to get employed within the country first, and then marriage… but what are the regular paper routes of doing it? Is there an application that we can pick up from a Federal or Provincial building?

Diana answers:

Once you are married you MUST use the spouse visa in the family class. He is not eligible for anything else.
If he stays in Canada with you, he will be a visitor and cannot work. This proces takes 12 to 18 months but at least you are together. (this is inside application)
if he stays in USA (and you stay in Canada) then the process is currently taking between 6 and 9 months – this is outside application
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