Entry Level Jobs In Canada For Human Resources

Scope of HR jobs in Canada
Human resources: What kind of jobs are there in this field?
Good Field and attractive pay but you must have Canadian Degree in HR
  1. Administrative assistant in HR (entry level)
  2. Benefits specialist
  3. Recruitment specialist
  4. HR generalist (HR Coordinator, HR Director)
I am an HR and live in TORONTO. If you are looking to excel your career in HR, more important than a degree is probably your CHRP Designation which you would get thought the HR Association of Ontario. You can go on the internet and browse through this website

You need to take certain courses to write the CHRP Exams and it is not a license such as you need in the profession of Nursing or if you want to be a Physician etc. A lot of the organizations prefer you have the CHRP designation. CHRP is only a designation. First you write the exam and then get 3 + years exprience in HR to be fully certified. 

If you are coming to Canada for the first time, It might be really hard to get your first job in HR. However, within HR you can move your career in many differnt directions. For example Benefits, Human Resources Information Systems, Recruitment, Pension Administrator, Trainer, Occupational health and Safety and much much more. 

I would sugget you browse through the website and do not invest any money online for degrees etc. Online degrees are not the same as a real degree. I would also suggest that you move to one of the bigger cities in Canada where there are a lot of organizations and always looking for HR people. 

Each provence has its own equivalent. In Ontario its the CHRP. I had over 20 years experience from admin to management level but they all wanted Canadian experience. I did a Canadian Employment Law course but that still didn't make and difference. Over here its who you know rather than what you know. Temping is a good way to get into the market and show them what you are capable of.

I got a job as HR Assistant for a Sears store, I have no HR qualifications, when the HR manager left the job the post was offered to me - I turned it down several times, then they Hired a useless person, who I trained (he had a 20 year old HR degree he hadn't used) I then left as I couldn't cope with his doom and gloom anymore.

What I'm saying I suppose it's not impossible to get an HR position here, you may have to start at a lower level though. There are tons of HR courses out there.

I am in ontario at the moment and moved from the UK a few months ago. Unfortunately the CIPD qualifications are not recognised in Canada. I applied for several jobs but I haven’t got a response at all.I applied for a few volunteer positions as well but I haven’t had a response at all.
The CHRP is needed in Ontario and also taking the "National Knowledge Exam" can be useful here. 

In BC, the CHRP is also used. Check out www.bchrma.org for more info. The exams are split into two, knowledge and practical which are hosted twice a year in May and Oct. From 2011 in BC, applicants for the exam must hold a recognized degree. My degree is from the UK and they accepted it and I now just have to sit the exams.

You can also look at Canadian HR Reporter online which is a useful newsletter for the industry.
Company's advertize and some even on www.craigslist.ca but networking is huge out here, more so than I imagined!

From the research I've done though (which includes having contacted a ex UK HR Manager now working in Edmonton)it would seem we would have to requalify in the necessary Province. From what I've been told, it's tough breaking in to the market as HR can be a very closed occupation and networking seems to be the key. Obviously the stumbling block will be lack of knowledge of local labour laws - nothing that a quick course couldn't solve. I do know from having worked over there 10 years ago that Canada is still behind UK in terms of HRM practices and employee relations experience is highly valued as may orgs are still highly unionised

I must admit it is a daunting thought as I know I will have to take a step down to establish myself but it will be worth it in the end, I'm sure.