Jobs In Canada-Criminal Justice

Careers In Law And Criminal Justice?

There are many jobs within the criminal justice field that might be of interest to you. Some of them pay rather well. Lawyers often earn much money. Lawyers protect people's rights. Becoming a lawyer does requires much time and effort and education. Lawyers can work for a private firm or for the government. You could someday become a judge even. How about becoming a special agent for the government? You get these jobs the same way you get most jobs- by determining if you meet the qualifications, then applying and then getting lucky.

Are there any high-paying acquirable jobs?
Officers increase their pay through merit awards or by seeking more training such as SWAT, dog-handling; anti-terrorism, or ballistics. While not required, many officers are now getting bachelors degrees to further their careers and many seek masters' courses and degrees.

How do you get these jobs?

While individual cities and counties hire their own personnel, most states set the guidelines. Law enforcement officers have to be at least 21; have a clean criminal record and must get certification, which usually comes from attending a state police academy. In most states, a person seeking certification must already be hired by an agency before entering the six-to-nine week training program. 

Criminal and social justice is a wide-ranging field of careers and job options that is constantly evolving. It has often been called a "recession-proof" line of work because the demand is always high for people willing to work long hours under often stressful conditions.
This job might be of use to you:
Law Enforcement Officer
By far the biggest employer in the criminal justice world is law enforcement. Job opportunities in law enforcement include being a city beat cop, deputy sheriff, state trooper, constable. vice agent, and more. 

Can you immigrate to Canada with a bachelors in Criminal Justice?

This is the list of jobs in demand in Canada. If you have or can get one of these jobs with your criminal justice degree, and work for a MINIMUM of 12 months full time - you wont have any problems being approved to immigrate. 

If however your job is NOT listed then you are NOT currently eligible to immigrate to Canada. 
There are other methods of immigration - all of which you still need to be eligible for.