Montreal Job Opportunities Immigrant Families

Many immigrants families come to Canada with teenage kids, and they want to jump in the labour during the summer. Here's few tips what a teen can do during the summer and some hand picked information about Montreal Labour Market.

Having a job at fifteen in Montreal( canada)?
Here's some suggestions for, for the next summer job, without any experience.
Try fast food restaurant, cashier, newspaper distributor

Sacrifice one of your Summers by working as a Volunteer (you don't get paid) or as a Counselor's Aid in a day camp. Gain experience. Spend one Summer, just one, working at a day camp/Summer camp, and the next Summer, you put your work experience in your CV, and apply for Counselor position, and earn between 10,75$~17$ per hour, all summer long. Depends where you work, really.

You can always get a job at a fast food restaurant (I know McDonald hires young) or you can work as a cashier for a supermarket or a bagboy. The list of jobs is limited though since you are so young, but you can be able to find one no problem if you don't mind what kind of job it is.

Jobs you can do at home?
could do typing from home, email, piece work, stuffing envelopes, etc.  start contacting employment agencies, lawyers' offices, doctors' offices, local hospitals, retail stores, etc.could do volunteer work in the same categories. 

Call centres are now hiring people to work from home also. She could do crafts for someone to sell at a craft show for her.....paying a commission. There are all kinds of survey companies looking for people to join their panels where she could earn points towards purchases of merchandise and vacations trips. She could also start an answering service from home. There are all kinds of possibilities.

Are the jobs in Montreal Resource-based, manufacturing-based, or service based?
As Montreal becomes more urbanized, jobs are shifting towards service-based. While manufacturing jobs are starting to move out to the suburbs more, there's still quite a significant manufacturing sector in Montreal. The resource-based economy does not much exist on the island of Montreal with few exceptions, but certainly within the Greater Montreal Area there are a lot of resource-based jobs

Job Opportunities for English speakers in Montreal, Quebec?
Need to pay for rent and food once I move so I'm wondering if there are any types of job opportunities for freshly graduated, English  speaking students applying for post-secondary in a province française!!

Sure you can find a job. But not any job and probably not the job you want.
Its just a question of logic.
Most people are bilingual in Montréal (both anglophones and francophones).
So when it comes to hiring, people who are unilingual will always get hire after those that are bilingual unless they have incredible skills that are highly in demande....

All job that are governemental (provincial and federal) you absolutly need to speak french.
All job dealing with the public you need french, (remember that 70,8% of people in Montréal have french as their first language. Even though most of those people do speak english, as customers they are expecting to be serve in their language). Also, any job in the Medical area need french.

So, you are left to work either in the west island, or in Calls centers who are deserving the US or the West of the country. This is fairly common and some of them are paying decently well. 

Coming back to my first point, you sure will find a job. But maybe not THE job you want.
As the other guy mentioned, you dont need to speak a perfect french. As long as you can understand and have an everyday conversation, you will be more then ok.

I would suggest you to move in a area that is mostly french to immerge you and learn faster.
Anything that is east of st-laurent is good. I myself really enjoy Rosemont-la-petite-patrie. Its really safe, friendly and not far from downtown.

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