Your Questions About Canadian Migration To The Us

Carol asks…

do Canadians kick out illegal migrants like the USA does?

ive heard that Canada is not very strict about its migration system is this true_? cause i am in canada and i really want to stay i want to start a business lol, but anyway if i stay will i get deported_?

Diana answers:

I doubt it! Canada is not drowned with them like the USA
William asks…

If USA gov paid Canadians $$$$ to move to Turkey Point, Ontario, would they all move there?

This question is meant to be silly and absurd, but that’s the point.
Suppose the US govt used the billions of dollars currently spent in Iraq, and instead paid every Canadian who relocated to Turkey Point, $500,000 each, would there be a
mass migration of Canadians to Turkey Point on Lake Eerie?
If that WERE to happen in a parallel universe.
likewise, if Canada sold cheap oil to every American if they moved to New York, in an effort to SAVE the whole rest of the 50 states from human pollution….same idea

Diana answers:

For half a million dollars I’d move to Turkey Point Turkey.
Mandy asks…

What location is the exact middle of Canada, population-wise?

I am not talking about the Geographic Center of Canada, which is somewhere around Baker Lake, Nunavut…….wayyy North of 98% of Canada’s population distribution.
I am talking about the point you’d be standing where approximately the same number of Canadians are North of where you’re standing as South. Also, the same number of Canadians are East of where you’re standing, as West.
statistically speaking, the centerpoint would go beyond that, it would be the same population in each radius from the center of the middle of a circle.
But I would think since so much of Canada’s population is built along the Southern border, that the North-South middle would be about 40 km North of US border (as in parallel 49)….keeping in mind a large chunk of Canada’s population is South of the 49th parallel.
Ironically, it’s not impossible that centerpoint lies in the states somewhere in Minnesota. Where the number of Canadians living South of you equals the number of Canadians living North of where you’re standing…
and the number of Canadians living East of where you’re standing equals the number of Canadians living West of where you’re standing….
That point may even be inside Minnesota…… if Not Western Ontario….because the lower peninsula of Ontario takes a BIG chunk of Canadian population….
BUT the recent migration to Calgary, Edmonton, and BC could be pushing this line westwards?
Where do you estimate the centerpoint to be?
What I’m getting at is the 49th parallel is only the Canada border west of Michigan.

Diana answers:

It would probably be somewhere around Thunder Bay. I don’t know why you say ‘a large chunk of Canada’a population lives south of the 49th’ – because that’s simply not true.
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