Your Questions About Canadian Immigration Consultants

Carol asks…

Can anyone provide me a list of the best Canadian Immigration Consultants?

If possible, can you also give me their website?

Diana answers:

Canadian immigration only works through an 800 number within canada and an american must work through an embassy in america: those five canadian embassies are: seattle, buffalo, chicago, dc & detroit. Picking a consultant is not an easy task, I mean, where it  begins? Immigration to Canada is becoming more locally motivated. Have you seen the changes made in the last two years alone. The Ministry is crapping her pants trying to control it all. 

On the other hand, thinking of it a lot can drive you mad or insane. Gazillion questions go into your head, especially about job search and employment. The best immigration consultant is the one who stands up and appeals CIC decisions in front of the immigration board and Federal Court. Although this might not be necessary, CIC personnel might sometimes do a crappy work, because I hear that they are understaffed 

   Good luck.
Ken asks…

Can anyone give me a list of the best Canadian Immigration Consultants?

if possible, can you also provide me their websites?

Diana answers:

Go with what the CIC recommends.

William asks…

Have you seen this Canadian Government Survey about immigration consultants and recruiters?

It says:
Please take a few minutes to share your information to help us improve the prevention of immigration scams and fraud……………….
It will be available until May 27, 2009.”
There has been a lot of discussion here about consultants now maybe something will get done.

Diana answers:

Here's an answer from an immigrant who came to Canada  with a caregiver visa: " Hopefully something will get done!! I came to Canada a few years ago as a live-in caregiver, I had seen an ad in the newspaper back in my hme country about it! It sounded wonderful! The agency wanted to charge me U$S 5000-for the process!!!! Back then the dollar was about 3 x my currency so there was no way I could pay!
So I decided to do it on my own, and paid in total less than $1000 for the whole process-application fees, visa fees etc etc There are a lot of scammers, and agencies who take advantage of the immigrant who doesnt know how the canadian immigration process works.
And there’s also the common belief that a third-party might speed things up for them, which is not true.
Now years later, a Canadian citizen :) I do my best to advice immigrants!"
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