Your Questions About Canadian Citizenship And Immigration

John asks…

about the canadian citizenship and immigration office in vancouver?

I applied for my canadian citizenship in Vancouver in March, 2009 and I got my book. However, I still haven’t receive any notice about when my citizenship exam is. I am planning for a long vacation in May and June and I am really scared I am going to miss the exam and have to reapply again. So, my questions are: is there a summer period when the citizenship and immigration office is closed? If I miss my exam, do I have to reapply again? Thank you very much.

Diana answers:

NO the CIC offices in Canada do NOT close, for vacation. They are open 5 days a week all year long. Why would you think that a entire office staff could be allowed to go on vacation, all at the same time ? We don’t do things that way in Canada.
Jim b.
Lisa asks…

canadian immigration and citizenship?

If you live a long time away from Canada do you lose Canadian citizenship???

Diana answers:

Unless you take the step of renouncing your citizenship you are still a citizen.
Most people don’t actually renounce their citizenship unless they get married and plan on staying in the other country with their spouses for a very long time.
Daniel asks…

If I got fired and uses EI, will my mom’s Canadian immigration application still approve? ( I am her sponsor )

I applied for my mom for Canadian citizenship, but recently I changed a new job, I am worried if I got fired and uses Employment Insurance. Will that affect my mom’s immigration application?

Diana answers:

If you are fired for cause you will most likely not be eligible for EI. But if you should be able to get EI then NO EI will not affect the application as EI is allowed under the laws.
And you cannot go on welfare or it will affect your moms application.
Are you applying for Permanent residency for your mom? Because Citizenship applications do NOT have sponsors. Only the Permanent residency applications require sponsors.
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