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Nancy asks…

Hi I am German and Czech guy looking for job in Vancouver like Finishing Carpenty.?

I am tired about fine some way to apply about work visa.I was went to Vancouver fine some company and Immigration officer dont let me in.In Vienna Canadian embassy told me you need first in Canada some company who give to you job,so how can I fine some company over there if I cant show my job or talk to tham face to face.Nobody give to you job from internet ,just if you sented your resum.Who can help me or somebody know about some finishing company who have open program LMO? Thank you for help.

Diana answers:

There is a list of Carpentry companies in Vancouver, complete with addresses and phone numbers
Also, for Carpenters:
A Canadian job website. Job listings that fit your skills.
You can also ask the B.C. Carpenter’s Union for help.
There is a lot of construction happening especially in Alberta.
Carpenters wanted:
Alberta opportunities 4 carpenters Check out the B&M job postings!
Daniel asks…

Moving to Vancouver?

I originally planned to move to Vancouver, but due to immigration, I settled for Seattle. I regret that decision and am really interested in still going to Vancouver. I have a MA in philosophy along with some experience in accounting and administration. Is it easy to get a job in Canada before you move there? I’d be willing to hand out my resume in the city so I could forego having to save $10,000.

Diana answers:

I would recommend looking on sites like and check out the jobs available. Everyone talks about how BC is in a boom, and yet as a job-searcher, I am finding the majority of the jobs in this “glut” are the low paying, entry level positions. And considering the cost of living of the Vancouver area (very high), I would strongly recommend finding a job before making the big move. Of course I have an idea about what immigration requires, so that’s something else you will want to check into. Good luck!
James asks…

How would I go about moving to Canada?

I currently live in the U.S., and I would absolutely love to move to Vancouver – at least for a year or two… but possibly longer… I’ve read a bit about getting a visa for immigration, but what about if I am wanting to move there short term (could change later)
I’ve done some research on cost of living and job openings, and it appears there are several options I would have… Can I apply for a job, before moving to Canada, then move if I am hired? Sorry if this question is a bit on the rambling side, I’m sure someone will understand the gist of what I am trying to ask…

Diana answers:

You can take a job in Canada if your future boss can prove that they are having difficulties in recruiting qualified people, and pays a fee.
If not you will have to immigrate.
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