Your Questions About Population Of Canadian Capital Cities

William asks…

Languages spoken by Canadian and first nations populations ?

which lanuguages do Canadian natives speak in each capital city.
There must be a website out there somewhere that lists all of them?
10 points ! =)
Thanks !! xx

Diana answers:

In theory every capital should speak both English and French. But that’s theory :)
So here is the reality.
Get all Provinces capital except, Quebec City and Fredericton. They all speak English.
In Quebec City: French
In Fredericton: English and French
Now the capital of Canada Ottawa it’s English (mostly) and French.
Of course you will meet people that speak French in English places and vice-versa but it’s a minority. However in Quebec City the percentage is much higher (since English is the world business language and it’s surrounded by English speaking people in North America).
As for the First Nations… I would say that almost all of them speak English first and in some spot in Quebec they would speak French. After depending on how old they are they will speak their native tribe language. I suspect that the Inuit in the North since they are more isolated they would probably speak more their native language
But here is a list of the most common:
Inuktitut, Inuinnaqtun, Cree, Dëne Sųłiné, Gwich'in, Inuvialuktun, Slavey and Tłįchǫ Yatiì
Hope that helps
Mary asks…


hey People i need you to solve my problem . .. :) i am 17 years old , I bore in Europe ( Cyprus) and i live Currently in Lebanon , i know 5 languages , Arabic English French Greek and a little Spanish . i have 4 Computer licenses , and an English License . and im Still In the High School Learning . i know everything about Canada Everything ! … Provinces in Order , Cities , The canadian Anthem in french and English , Population , Capital etc…. a lot ! i have also a lot of Friends From all Over Canada . i learned the Canadian French , and ill Learn The Canadian English . So people , i need your Suggestions , how Can i Go to Canada Easily ? i’m afraid To be Refused at the embassy , i really love Canada , and i consider it as my Country … i have 86 pictures For canada on Facebook. so people , Can any one Help me out , n let me relax ? Thank you so much … my Kind regards ….

Diana answers:

You are on the right track. Some of the key issues for immigration to Canada are that you are able to communicate in either English or French (both being assets), and to have skills that are in demand.
Unfortunately, you may be a bit young. While you have the “licenses” (I imagine you mean degrees or credits from school?), at 17 you probably do not have any practical experience yet.
Companies in Canada will often hire a foreign worker and offer them jobs if they need someone and cannot find a Canadian to do the job. It also often requires you to work somewhere that Canadians may find too remote. For example, some companies working in Canada’s far northern regions will hire people to come work here. They may have a need for someone to operate or maintain their computer systems, for example, which may mean you can get a job doing that.
Your best chance at the moment would be to get a good education, and then look for jobs in Canada when you are over 18. My suggestion would be to get real world experience first (2-3 years) and then try to apply.
Good luck to you though. It sounds like you have a passion for the country. We need people with ambition. We don’t want people with no skills and no will to work. We try to avoid letting in people who will only become a burden on the country, rather than helping build a better country.
Susan asks…

What’s Toronto like for a city break?

I think that I might go to Toronto someday but I don’t know what it’s really like. I hear that it’s like a Canadian version of New York in that it has the biggest population of it’s country like New York & it’s very multicultural. Is this true? I hear that it’s really clean too & that you get a real good sense of Canada there too. How big is Toronto in size? Is it really big or is it around the same size as a capital European city? Thanks!

Diana answers:

Toronto is a healthy, modern mix of NYC and Chicago… Its very big and very verticle… And its even more multicultural than either. Its a very imporant golbal finance center and is only 1 of 3 “alpha world cities” on the North American continent. Its population is smaller than Chicago but it contains more highrises. The Greater Toronto Area is the 5th largest metro area in North America, 2nd most densly populated, and is currently one of the fastest growing (mostly verticle developments)..its considered within the top 5 best cities to live in the world (World Economist Review).. And its suburbs have been developing vertically and will continue to do so for quite a while.
Toronto is an amazing, unique city that is currently experiencing its biggest peak of highrise growth… It would be far more appropriate to compare it to American cities than European, givin it generally follows only NYC and/or Chicago in just about everything that makes a city a megacity. And givin the projected future of Toronto and the GTA it will rival even the likes of NYC. If you want a large, euro-style city go to Montreal… If you want a break from the city… Dont go to either because they are massive and feel just like any Major American City (GTA contains 5.5 million people, surrounded by another 3 million)
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