Your Questions About Work Permit Canada Duration

David asks…

Can I migrate to Canada after doing a Graduate certificate program of 8 month duration?

once I complete the program successfully, I will get a work permit of 8 months, I am doing a program in Software development using Java
# I wanted to know whether the short period of stay(8 months) affect my chances of getting a job?
#What do students doing such programs normally do to extend their period of stay there?
#I would like to continue working there and try and get a PR there, please help me out, friends.

Diana answers:

To immigrate to Canada you have to meet a certain number of requirements under a point system.
There are thousands of unemployed or under-employed programmers and tech people here so unless there’s something very unique to your education I’d recommend looking at other options.
Maria asks…

Tax for new employee working on Work Permit?

I came to Canada in November 2010.
My employer has deducted tax as he would deduct on monthly basis if I would have worked for him full year.
I worked just 2 months in Canada and earned
13000 CAD but my tax deduction is 3000+ . is that my tax brackets and tax are prorated for the duration I have stayed in the country . OR I should be considred as I have earned only 13000 CAD in tax year 2010. that way I will get most of my deducted tax refunded.Please clarify.
I don’t have any other earning in Canada or USA.

Diana answers:

It sounds like they are deducting the correct amount. But it will depend completely on when you became a Canadian resident.
Tax credits are pro-rated based on your residency. If you became a resident on Nov 1, then you will get 2/12 of the available tax credits. So the deductions would be correct.
But if you became a resident on, say, Sep 1, you would get 4/12 of the tax credits, and be eligible for a partial refund.
Carol asks…

Choosing right destination for higher education?

Hello there, I am a student of Aeronautical engineering from India wanted to do MS (Mster of Science) in Aerospace engineering. I thaught about doing MS from USA first, as it is the best destination for this field of engineering with lot of career opportunities in research and other fields. But after doing lot of research I found that all these opportunities are good for USA citizens only as non citizens (fresher graduate student) wont get that much opportunities to work in USA. So I am thinking about some other destinations like Canada, so I want to know hows aviation industry of Canada ? are there plenty of job opportunities in this Aerospace industry (specially in research) for fresher graduates in Canada ? I am thinking about Canada because its much similar to USA (in terms of general life style and other conditions) and their rules are not that strict like USA for example after doing MS of 18 months duration in Canada I can get a work permit visa of 18 months (under certain conditions) to work in Canada. So serious people with having some experience and knowledge about this please guied me to plan my right career path.

Diana answers:

Things have changed a lot since I was in school but look at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas (USA) because Wichita was well known as being a base of aereospace manufacturing and technology.
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