Relocation and Travel Guide - Seatle, Washinghton

The internet has made finding information easy about virually any subject, but finding websites for local cities feauturing neighbourhoods and local businesses is not easy. Seattlearea is one of our editor pick websites for it's simplicity and great content.

Seatlearea has a simple navigation menu. It features neighborhoods, entertainment and nightlife, restaurants, doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. It also features a Factoids section to find  information about Seattle history, culture, weather among other things.

Homepage is neat and it is easy for the human eye to find different section. I recommend to check the neighborhood section on the right.

The site focus is Seattle, it features few ads and deals. The search box is where it supposed to be to easily access any information the visitor wants.

The photo album is nice, look out for more photos there as they become available.

Day trips, outdoors, festivals, shopping attractions, are all featured in the entertainment menu. Check out the bite of Seattle Festival as well as other cool festivals, don't miss this section.

The editors did a good job in slicing the restaurant section, there is a restaurant for every taste, and let's not forget the hotel deals and hotel reservation that can be accessed from the main menu.

Looking for Seattle deals? the site "Today's Deal" a section is  updated regularly. Just click on any sub-menu to find it.

So, if you are looking to relocate, or want to find information about Seattle, local focused and tourist destinations. Head over to

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