Your Questions About Immigration In Canada History

Laura asks…

in what ways has canada’s strong history of immigration shaped the country?

pls help. i have to write an essay for that topic

Diana answers:

Canada is a country created from immigration.
The language is Bilingual
The cultures are mixed with high levels of integration.
The racial demographic of Canada (and the U.S. For that matter) is unrivaled globally.
Although century’s of migration have mixed for example European cultures somewhat Canada has achieved this with a 200 year time frame.
A British citizen told me:
"I’m British born but now live in Canada, my wife, a third gen Canadian (Scottish / Ukraine decent) calls me a new Canadian but considers herself full Canadian.
I wonder how the first nations view us?"
Sandra asks…

In what ways has Canada’s strong history of immigration shaped the country we live in today?

Please provide examples.

Diana answers:

Well, the best example is Quebec where the Francophones are ready to bolt and form their own country because they are in competition with the Anglophones. 
James asks…

History Chinese immigration to Canada push and pull factors??PLEASE HELP?

so i have to write an essay in social about china can someone please tell me 3-4 push and 3-4 pull factors in HISTORY of the chinese people??? like why they leave china and why they chose canada??

Diana answers:

Thousands of chinese went to canada to build the railroads after they worked on building the US railroads. Not necessary the same ones, but the railroads saw the cheap labor used in the US thus went for same labor.
They came to get a better life and bring the family here after they earned money to do so. Many where never able to do this because the railroads paid the transportation of the worker here and the worker had to pay back the railroad yet the railroads never let them out of debt, they had to pay for food, rooms, etc, thus they stayed in debt…
Go here for more info….…/History_of_Chinese_immigration_to_Canada…/chinese_immigration.html…/historyofimmigration/History_of_Immigration_to_Canada.htm -
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