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Sandy asks…

What do you think of working as a live-in caregiver in Canada?

I have a female friend who is planning to go to Canada working as a live-in caregiver. But she have been working an easy job in China. Is the caregiver job hard and tiring?

Diana answers:

A live-in caregiver job is mostly taking care of kids and maybe some light housework. It shouldn’t be too hard. You can find a FAQ about live-in caregivers at Canada’s immigration website here:
Her duties, working hours etc. Should all be laid out in her contract.
The best part, after two years, she can apply for permanent residency in Canada if she wants it.
Robert asks…

What are your chances that a canada working visa be approved if you are a hepatitis B healthy carrier?

What are your chances that your canada working visa be approved if you are a hepatitis B healthy carrier and certified by the dr. that you are not infectius? It is a temporary resident visa for two years and the work is in food industry.

Diana answers:

Hi jaz_bgs,
If you’re in Australia and have a question about hepatitis, you can call the national hepatitis C infoline on 1300 HEP ABC (1300 427 222).
This national infoline diverts to information and support lines at your local state/territory council.
Hope that helps,
Hepatitis Australia
Jenny asks…

Can a US citizen working in Canada deduct US mortgage interest off a Canadian tax return?

I am a US citizen working full time in Canada with no income from sources outside of Canada. I own a home in the US and pay mortgage interest on a US loan. Is there any way this can be deducted from my Canadian return?

Diana answers:

If this is personal use property, no. Canada does not allow a deduction for mortgage interest.
If this is commercial property (e.g. A rental on which you declare rental income), then the interest is a business expense. But since you say you have no income from sources outside of Canada, this is not the case.
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