Applying For Canadian Citizenship By Descent

Helen asks…

Canadian citizenship if one parent is Canadian?

My father is Canadian but we reside in Australia currently. Now I was reading about Canadian citizenship and I know I am a citizen and have applied for citizenship and have the documents etc.
What I really want to know is this section clarified that I found on wikipedia
“Any such person whose Canadian parent or parents were also not born in Canada and obtained their citizenship at birth by descent (i.e. second generation born abroad) must have successfully applied to maintain their Canadian citizenship before their 28th birthday, that is, if their 28th birthday took place before 17 April 2009. People falling into that category who did not take steps to maintain their citizenship lost their citizenship on that birthday.”
Does this mean I have to live in Canada to “maintain” my citizenship or just to keep documents updated until I am 28?
Thanks all!

Diana answers:

This assumes that your father was NOT born in Canada but his parents were born in Canada right?
If YOU (being the second generation born outside of Canada) did NOT apply for canadian citizenship before you were 28 years old AND before April 17th, 2009, you are no longer a canadian citizen.
You can however immigrate to Canada and be a PR for 3 years and then become a Canadian citizen – you will then be dual canadian and australian.
Laura asks…

Iranian-Canadian-American wanting to travel to Iran…?

Hi all!
I am an Iranian (both my parents are Persian) who was born in the United States but have lived all my life in Canada. I would like to travel to Iran in the near future but am GREATLY confused as to how to go about it. I would ideally like to travel only on a tourist visa (either Canadian or American), but am not sure if this is possible since I am full Iranian. I have heard that in these cases, you are automatically Iranian and all other nationalities are not recognized by Iran…can anyone confirm this?
Let’s say I cannot travel on a tourist visa, and must apply for Iranian citizenship/passport, where would I go? I initially thought that I could drive to Ottawa where the consulate is, but have heard from others (not exactly reliable sources) that you usually have to apply to the consulate in the country in which you were born…does this mean that I have to apply to the Swiss (they serve as Iran) consulate in Washington??
Basically I would appreciate any Canadians or Americans advice/experience (who are of Iranian descent) who have visited Iran by applying for schnasnameh (birth certificate I think?) or Card Melli (citizenship card?). What was the process like? And were you given a hard time (military service…etc.)?
Thank you so much!! :)

Diana answers:

I´m not sure how old you are,but if you´re + sixteen,you need to apply at the consulate in your own country,it doesn´t matter,that you haven´t been born there.
And in Iran,all other nationalities are ignored,if your father is an Iranian,you´re Iranian too.
You can´t go to Iran with a Visa because you parents are Iranians,in your Passport is written that you´re Iranian.
You go to the iranian consulate in Canada and say that you want to apply for a Carde Mehli and a Passport.
They´ll give you some forms and after 2 months you get your passport and carde mehli.
Just as an advice,your Shenasnameh need a photo of yourself if you´re over 13 years old.
Mary asks…

Am I able to apply for a British Passport? How would I do this?

I was born and raised in Canada and am currently still living in Canada. My Dad was born in the UK so he has UK citizenship. It is my understanding that I automatically have UK citizenship by descent through my Dad. Can anybody confirm this fact? So I’m wondering how I would go about obtaining a British passport if I do not live in the UK. Also, is it possible to have two passports (Canadian and British) at once?
As far as I am aware, I am a British citizen by descent. According to this quote:
“British citizenship may descend to one generation born abroad. So if you were born outside the United Kingdom or qualifying territory and one of your parents was a British citizen otherwise than by descent, you are a British citizen by descent.”
Quoted from:

Diana answers:

You can apply for a British passport immediately. You do not have to do anything first. (That is a common misconception)
Here is a link. Even in Canada British passport applications are handled through the North American passport center in Washington DC, USA.
For Forms..
Documents needed..
If your father was born in the UK, and is indeed a British citizen, then you are probably a British citizen by decent. (you are a British citizen, however any children you have will not inherit British citizenship from you unless they are born in the UK)
Yes you can have dual Canadian/British citizenship…passports…at once. Not a problem at all.
If you have any questions please email me and ask.
Good luck

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