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Did you ever pick up one of those flyer's where kids offers to do "odd jobs"? Well, it may be that doing gardening work is considered an odd job for some, but for some really odd and unusual jobs, check out this list of top 5 unusual job. Almost 9000 workers were asked, what the most unusual job was that they ever held. Some were just a little bit odd and unusual, some were completely 'over the top' odd. These are the jobs that made the list last year:

1)Cat Nanny
Most of us probably know one old lady who is just a little to attached to her cats, but few take it as far as actually getting a nanny for their cat. One respondent though, had worked as just that. Taking care of 13 cats for an eccentric older lady. You would have to be a cat lover for that job!

2)FBI Fingerprint examiner
Now this does sound like an unusual and exiting job. Most of use have probably seen CSI or X-Files and have this romantic idea of solving crime through the wonders of modern technology. In reality though being a fingerprint examiner, takes a lot of practice and am awful lot of patience, while you dust of for half a fingerprint. It must carry a real 'feel good factor' when a criminal is brought to justice because of the evidence an FBI Fingerprint examiner has found.

3)Elf at Santa Claus workshop
The elves make the toys that Santa Claus brings for the children that have been good the last year. Or more realistically, they run around malls taking pictures with children. Anyway you put it, it certainly isn't a job most people would have considered and what do you do during the rest of the year? Perhaps Santa Claus has a secret plan for that!

4)Grave Digger
Few jobs require a good stomach as this one. A cemetery can feel dark and gloomy, when you are just passing by, but think about having to dig graves all day long. That takes a certain kind of personality and dedication.

5)Ice Sculpture Carver
Perhaps not that unusual of a job, less of course, your work will only last a brief time before returning to from where it came. And is this seasonal work, or is there work available in the summer as well? With more and more Ice bars and hotels, there may actually be a future for this kind of art.

These were just some of the incredible jobs that are out there for people with an open mind. Other notable entries included being the bartender at the Liberace mansion, certified donkey trainer, hurricane hunter, junk mail machine operator, flyer printing supervisor and autopsy assistant. So the next time you feel like complaining that your job is boring, remember that there are plenty of odd jobs out there for the right person. Who is to say if you have hidden talent for one of the more unusual jobs being offered?

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