Canada Accounting Jobs For Immigrants

Betty asks…

I’m new immigrant.Which job I can get immediately for evening(like security job) till I get good job?

I am going to land in canada soon. I need time to find proper job in my own accounting field. But till then, what type of job can I do which can be done in evenings,week ends. This is absoultely necessary for my survival. Please guide me

Diana answers:

First thing – I would email/call several staffing agencies before you make your move. Forward your resume and make contacts in the area where you will be relocating.
Call or do an online search for the newspapers in the area and apply for positions online. In your cover letter make sure to tell the potential employer what your expected arrival date is.
This is what I did before relocating across the US nearly 4 years ago. I started my search long before I started packing :)
Regarding a security position, you may have to wait on that choice until you become a citizen? It may depend on your work status. (visa). I’m not quite sure how that works out, sorry.
There are a lot of temporary agencies that can get you working fast. AND…working temporary is a great way to scope out a company. A lot of employers are using “temp to hire” now. Remember that you are interviewing the company too. You want to select where you contribute your time. Your talents and education are valuable assets.
I know this is hard but don’t just grab something because it’s permanent. (unless you have to).
Working temporary is a great way to support yourself without having to stress out and grab just any job….and then spending lots of time regretting it. :(
Best of luck in your new venture!
Chris asks…

Why employers ask for “Canadian experience”?

I’m looking for a job in accounting in Canada. I don’t understand why employers are asking for “Canadian experience” from an immigrant when it’s obvious that I can’t have it if I’m not working to gain that experience (the vicious circle). True, I don’t have previous accounting experience, but I really want to build that. There is no employer out there that is willing to take a risk with a guy very eager to learn and stay with a company that is willing to give him this kind of chance ?
That’s why I came to Canada, to build a better life than in my country. I’ve applied for jobs for over a year now and no call so far. I would appreciate any serious advice that somebody is willing to give it to me.

Diana answers:

Why can’t you have experience? You could have worked in Canada previously, attended school in Canada, worked at a family business, volunteered, etc.
How did you get to Canada without a job? If you need a job before you can apply for a work visa. You need either a job, Canadian university degree, etc. Or have lived in Canada for a significant amount of time in order to have permanent residency. Use that time to find experience. Take courses, volunteer, do tax returns for the elderly, etc.
No most companies will not hire accountants without experience in Canadian payroll, GST/PST/HST remittances, corporate tax remittances, various tax credit programs, etc. There is 7.4% unemployment in Canada and many experienced accountants looking for work.
Linda asks…

Seniors ideas please, how can a person make –?

An extra $5000 a year or approx $420 a month, legally, that wouldnt require huge physical exertion, as an example lifting a young child would be out of the question as would yard work, physical labour etc. I thot of holiday baking but I have limited counter and kitchen space. I have been looking for free lance writing jobs but havent had any luck with that, and most pay a measly 3 cents to 6 cents a word and are clearly geared at people who are not professionals and just want to see themselves published. And yes I can spell thought, I just use short hand where ever possible and acronyms because I am lazy
I really need to find something ! Preferably from home, telecommute or something while living in Canada. I cant make it without additional income and allowed to make up to $5000 a year and still retain my disability pension.
Education and experience: Teaching English as a Foreign Language, English teacher, Family and Youth Worker, Certified Financial Planner, Accountant before my accident now I cant remember any of it, Media Marketing, General Marketing, processing student loans for a bank,
data entry, which lasted two weeks until my back, shoulders and neck gave out,
Adminstrative Assistance for the Executive Director of an NGO,
surveyors helper, yah, thats pretty much out,
Fire Control for Forestry, Asst Manage for Sears Canada, Free Lance Journalist and Photographer, Front Page Columnist, copy writer,volunteer fund raising for NGO’s, PR for an NGO,
volunteer coordinator, community support woker, orientation to Canada for immigrants, liaison with doctors, schools, immigration, etc. Court liason, detox worker, mother, grandmother –
You would think I could find something wouldnt you? But I am stymied – help please? Accounting is out, I cant remember any of it after my accident, I cant stand so retails is out, I cant do typing like reports, correspondence etc because repetive arm movements do me in — and I am no longer decorative LOL so I have to actually DO something —
Ideas? Experience anyone?
I have spent 5 yrs back and forth living overseas, for most of that time and I would like to stay put in Canada in my little house. I am suffering from culture fatique very badly
Standing is out of the question and all the antiiques and collectibles and anything extra was sold years ago at yard sales to feed my kids. I hung onto all the toys from the 50′s when my brother and sister were grabbing the appliances, sewing machine etc when mom and dad moved into assisted living. Just one little metal truck sold for $500 to a collector. Who’s the smart one in the family? Kept my kids fed and clothed.

Diana answers:

Could you work in student loans again? Our daughter has done that for many schools, going up in pay
and fringe benefits. She lost her last job when they went under. It was for a bank and student loans, and
she had a free company car for traveling and an expense account. Now she’s with a community college.
And doesn’t have the benefits and has a salary that is half the amount in pay as her last job. She had to
pay bills and keep the house payment paid. So she couldn’t afford to be choosey.
Why not look into being a school bus driver. You’d have lots of hours in between shuttling students. Or
you could find work as a teachers’ assistant. If you have another language under your belt, you could
work as a translater or teaching a language class for immigrants. I have a friend, who went to school
during the summer to further her knowledge of Spanish.This upped her salary when she went back in
the fall to teach. Anything to further educate yourself, will result in being more hireable. If you can’t stand
for long, you’ll need a sit down job. And there are not alot of jobs that allow that.
Have you looked into working for an insurance agency and making traffic accidents a specialty. Taking
pictures of the wrecked cars and determining who’s liable for the accident. Then paying or denying the
claim filed. It works something like that. I know it’s not easy finding work with all of the competition now.
Maybe you can think of adding some further education to make yourself more hireable. To make you
stand out for the job you’re applying for. I wish you luck in your search.
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