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Little Known Teaching Facts

Can you imagine a community without teachers or schools? Even in the most primitive or recluses of jungles, you have teachers and mentors in some fashion or the other powering knowledge transfer through the generations.

Here are some interesting teaching facts that are not well known to the public.

Little Known Teaching Fact #1 - Do teachers get paid during summer months?

Teachers usually get paid on a yearly basis. When they are recruited, they are provided the option of their annual salary divided for 12 months or for the number of months that the school actually runs in a year. So, you may see teachers opting for the first option receiving pay cheques through the year whereas those choosing the second option may receive salaries for only those months that the school actually runs. The underlying thread to options 1 and 2 is they are getting paid on an annual basis including summer months but how the salary lands in their hands as a pay cheque depends on the option they signed up for.

Little Known Teaching Fact #2- What is teacher tenure?

Teacher tenure is similar to a permanent contract for a teacher. It is usually applicable to college professors or sometimes, primary or secondary school teachers. To achieve it, teachers must demonstrate organizational skills, proven teaching skills, research capabilities accepted by community, publication of meaningful papers and assisted their educational institutions in extracurriculars relating to committees and policies creation. They should also put in at least 6-7 years before they even qualify for being considered for teacher tenure. Benefits of teacher tenure are job security, freedom to pursue research and interests even if they are not in line with institutional policies and opinions of authorities.

Sometimes, teacher tenure may be granted in a shorter period of 2-3 years, mostly in the case of primary and secondary schools if the instructors are very successful.

Little Known Teaching Fact #3 - What do teachers expect from students?

A recent poll conducted by National Education Association asked the teacher respondents what they would like to receive most from their students. Nearly 50% of teachers responded saying that a simple "thank you" will suffice.

Little Known Teaching Fact #4 - Where is the demand for teachers?

Some areas where teachers are sought after are in Exceptional Student Education and subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Little Known Teaching Fact #5 - What is the attrition rate of teachers in the profession?

Interestingly, nearly 50% of teachers are stated resign in the first 5 years. This is a very high attrition rate. It is explained that this is mostly because those entering the profession have not done their ground work properly and come in perhaps with unrealistic expectations which acts as a dampener. They are also not properly trained and equipped and hence, feel the only way is to exit the profession.

There are many more interesting facts about teaching. However, the above are some of the key facts that laypersons are usually not aware of.

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