Canada Employment - Looking for a Job

Looking for a job

Whether you seek a full-time or part-time in the private or public, or you return to work after raising a family, you can find here tools that will help you see the directories of job, write your curriculum vitae ( CV ), choose a career and evaluate your skills.

Job Search Tools

Job Bank

The Job Bank allows you to look for work anywhere in Canada. It is updated daily. You can display your job profile to employers and receive a list of positions that match your profile.

Student Employment

Students can visit the Job Bank for students or visit a Service Canada Centre .

Aboriginal Job Centre

The Aboriginal Job Centre post jobs for Aboriginal people across Canada. You can do a job search by location, industry or keyword.

Jobs in the heritage sector

The Canadian Network for Heritage offers jobs in the heritage sector, including museums.

Financial Assistance

Employment Insurance Program

Employment Insurance provides regular benefits to people who have lost their jobs through no fault.

Wage Earner Protection Program

If your employer declares bankruptcy or goes into receivership, you may be eligible for the Wage Earner Protection Program . The salary and vacation owed ​​to you then you could be paid.

Other Programs and Services

Visit whether you may be entitled to other benefits of the federal, provincial or territorial while looking for work.

Government Jobs

Careers in the federal public service is the official job site of the Government of Canada that lists all posts in the federal government available to the general public.

Canadian Forces and National Defence

Hundreds of jobs are available in the elements earth, air and sea of the Canadian Forces . The National Defence also offers posts (civilian personnel). Of special recruitment programs are available to Aboriginal people who are interested in a full-time employment within the Canadian Forces.

Canada Revenue Agency

The Canada Revenue Agency offers various types of full-time and part-time across the country.

Parks Canada

Parks Canada offers jobs in national parks, historic sites of Canada and offices across the country.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP ) is looking to fill many positions of regular members, civilian member or official.

Employment in other federal departments and agencies

Page Government Jobs offers links to the posts offered by other federal departments and agencies.

Other Job Sites

The Job Bank offers links to other job sites to help Canadians find jobs in the public or private sector, either directly or through agencies.

Other programs and services to help job search can also be offered by your provincial or territorial government .

Career Planning

Writing a curriculum vitae and a cover letter

It is essential to have on hand a good resume for finding the dream job. The Designer CV (registration required) helps you to prepare and properly present your resume.

Information on the labor market

Learn about jobs, skills and other information on the labor market for different regions of Canada.

Training and Careers

The site Training and Careers helps you review career options and learn more about job opportunities and training opportunities.

Regional information on careers and jobs

The tool Working in Canada you can get information about the main tasks of a job, wages, skills, training and employment opportunities. The information is presented by geographic area for all types of professions. This tool helps you make informed decisions regarding your career and educational opportunities.

Career counselors

A career counselor can help you to better target the career options available to you and to make informed decisions.

Assessment and skills development

The site Essentials allows you to search over 300 job profiles and provides tools to assess your skills and perfect them.

Initiatives to support employment and training
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada supports several employment programs to help Canadians unemployed and underemployed, including those facing barriers to employment.

Assistance in training and employment services by province and territory
in most provinces and territories offer excellent tools to help you in your search for a return to work.

Retraining, continuing education and lifelong learning
CanLearn offers tips and tools to help you plan and finance your education.

Working in Canada - Job Seekers
The Working in Canada website provides useful information on, among other standards in employment, the minimum wage in Canada and government initiatives.

Employment Assistance for Veterans

Veterans may be eligible for career transition services from Veterans Affairs Canada. This program helps members of the regular force and some reservists to find a job. The program focuses on training in job search, career counseling and assistance with job search.

Employment Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

People with disabilities are unemployed or underemployed may be eligible for financial assistance from the Fund . The fund aims to help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain employment or become self-employed. The program also helps them develop the skills they need to keep a new job.

Employment assistance for immigrants

You have just arrived in Canada? The site Going to Canada can help you overcome the difficulties in finding a job, you were looking for a permanent or temporary. To obtain relevant information and have access to tools that can help you in your job search, contact the Referral Office for Foreign Credentials .

Other programs and services to assist career planning can also be offered by your provincial or territorial government .