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FHTM Canada Is FHTM Canada A Good MLM Company To Join?

There has been a lot of talk and growth with the company FHTM Canada over the past 4 years. Many people have seen this company and have wondered if it is a good idea to align themselves with it or not. You will soon see the truth as to if FHTM Canada, arelatively new MLM company, is a good idea to join or not.

The Pluses

ONE: This MLM company is designed for its representatives to build a network. Most MLM companies have products that end up becoming the center focus for most of the reps. Since FHTM Canada is a marketing company, there really is no major product sale so the people that join the company really focus on building a network. Because of this focus on building a network, the reps end up selling more of the product and in turn make a good amount of money.

TWO: The compensation plan is designed so that the reps can recap their initial investment quickly. This is something that is huge in business. You want to get profitable as fast as you can. With FHTM Canada, you can literally do this in a day which makes this a very big advantage for creating long term success.

The Minuses

ONE: The major style of training thatthe repsget in FHTM Canada for building their business is a very outdated and old school method. The training is based on a system that does still work today but for a very small percentage of the people that join the business.Because of this,some of the people that get involved might have to look at other people outside of their leadership for other methodsof training that they might need to create success.

TWO: There is a major down fall built right into the compensation plan. With the compensation plan that FHTM Canada uses, as you get promoted, you do not take your people with you. Meaning that every time you get a promotion, you will get paid more for the people that you recruit into the new code so mostnewer reps tend to lose some of the training that they need to create a successful business. Also the people that you recruited into your last code will not help you get your next promotion. So there is a built in discouragement to really work with the people in your lower codes.

So surly you can see that there are some very big advantages and some very big disadvantages to building a business with FHTM Canada. But no matter whether or not you join this MLM company or not, FHTM Canada will be moving forward with a force.

About the author: Get the training one needs for success with FHTM Canada without having to pester or bug your friends and family. Also take a look at a total overview of the company from an Outsiders Perspective.


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