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Teaching Jobs in Bahrain

Bahrain, the smallest of the Gulf States offers amazing job opportunities in various fields, teaching being one of them. There are good career opportunities for teachers, especially for teaching English. The demand for English teachers in Bahrain is quite high. The reason is that it is the preferred language of communication between locals and the expatriate population living here. Also, English is the most preferred language in hotels, at airports and other businesses that involve services. The natives in Bahrain are not fluent in English so there is a need to train them. This accounts for the huge demand of English teachers in Bahrain.

The national curriculum in schools has it mandatory that English be taught as a second language. However, since there are no native English speakers, the demand for expatriates to teach English in Bahrain is there. Due to cultural differences, the state education system is unable to employ native English speakers and employs foreigners in the position of English teachers. For this purpose, teaching jobs are advertised through various platforms such as newspapers, web sites and other publications.

In Bahrain, there are many private schools where mostly the children of expatriate population study. These schools use English as a medium to teach all subjects. Thus, English teachers are absorbed here in good numbers. Also, there are a few French schools where the medium of instruction is French but in these schools too, English is taught as a subject. So, these schools also require good English teachers.

Apart from schools, English teachers are required in private language schools. These schools cater to the local Bahrain population that wants to get trained in English for obvious reasons. These also cater to the non-English speaking expatriate population that wants to polish its command over the language. Talented English teachers are needed in these schools as well. However, in these schools the hours of working can be long and one cannot expect to get only morning shifts in these jobs. These schools cater to people who are already working so they need to be taught in the evenings after their working day. Sometimes, these training schools require teachers to attend their own training courses. This is required to train the teachers in the particular training methods that the schools adhere to.

Then, one can also look to give private English tuitions in Bahrain. This is a lucrative option and a significant source of employment in the gulf. Some teachers opt for this as a part-time work in the free hours apart from their regular work. This helps one earn a little extra from the regular income. The demand for such tutors is not always high but it rises in the examination season. People hire part time English tutors to help them prepare for exams. There is another surge in demand for English tutors when the results are declared. Those who fail and need to improve go to these tutors before reappearing for their paper. Advertisements for such tutors are generally published in newspapers.

In Bahrain, the British Council also recruits English language teachers for its centers here. To get a job in the British Council, one requires a recognized qualification, such as an RSA diploma or PGCE in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Another requisite is a minimum of two years teaching experience. English teachers are also hired as translators and interpreters in Bahrain. The demand of translators is particularly high in for legal and contractual documentation and technical papers while interpreters are mostly required at seminars and on management training courses. These types of jobs are generally part-time or on a short-term basis.

If one chooses to work as a teacher in Bahrain, a few things have to be kept in mind. Bahrain is a conservative Arabic country. It does not allow expatriates to become permanent residents. The country is looking at making its own population self-sufficient. Currently, it is developmental stage thus it requires the services of expatriates. Expatriates are generally treated well and paid handsomely and at the end of their tenure are rewarded for their services. The laws of the country are very strict and the lifestyle conservative. However, if one stays at the right side of the law, there should not be much trouble.

The country does not permit homosexuality or live-in relationships. Be very careful while dealing with women. The culture here does not encourage mingling between men and women. So, be very sure before moving to Bahrain. It is advisable o consult ones foreign office before taking up any job in Bahrain. The laws regarding work permit are also strict. One needs to have a local sponsor in Bahrain to get the permission to work here. The employer is generally the sponsor who gets the formalities done. If one is going through an agent, then the agent looks after such formalities. However, it is always better to go through a reliable sponsor to avoid and legal problems later on.

The best part about working in Bahrain is the amount of money that one can earn here. There are no taxes to be paid so one can enjoy all the extra money at disposal.

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