Canada Jobs in Demand

Jobs in Canada trades in demand

The French have an advantage over the job market in Canada: the French language. A strong argument for working in the country of maple, and this even in English-speaking provinces. It gives you an overview of occupations in demand in Canada and a list of best places to deepen your research.

Canada: advantage Francophonie! Canada is the seventh country in the officially registered number of French expatriates in the global registry. The number of French citizens living in Canada, constantly increasing, is estimated at 150,000 .

The francophone majority is established in Quebec, Ontario,

British Columbia and New Brunswick. These provinces are the priority areas for research jobs , investment , or starting a business because of French support networks are established.

Recruitment of the French in Canada The French are popular in Canada! And for good reason, language is an important instrument of assimilation, and most importantly, an argument for candidates. As evidenced by the augementation quota of visas issued to the French in 2009! Canadian policy on immigration is clear: continue to increase the number of Francophone immigrants, including English-speaking provinces. But beware! perfect command of English is essential for candidates.

Trades / profiles sought in Canada
The service sector is booming. For the French, the best opportunities are concentrated in the service sector: education, health, hotels, leisure and commercial activities.

The problem of professional 
to work in Canada, keep one thing in mind   a diploma equivalence is a problem that affects many professions. It is therefore crucial to learn about the conditions of exercise of a p rofession qualified , if you are a graduate French.