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Oil Rig Work - What Are Good Reasons of Being a Rig Worker in Oil Company?

Working in an oil rig company is very challenge and interesting. In spite of physical requirement, the good salary and excellent facilities are offered. Most of the worker's rooms are similar to luxury hotels included food, laundry and any pension paid by the employer. The work schedule is organized by shift rotation with 14 to 21 days off. Thus there will be approximately 3 / 5 year offering you as the vacation for your health recovery.

Is "Oil Rig Work" tough?

Working as a rig worker within oil platform is physically demanded. The workers have to perform as drilling man, tool pusher or motorman etc. These employers are also required to work in the rig platform as engineers, mechanical drilling rigs, drilling rig electricians, platform engineers, control men, chief engineers and medical team etc.

However, working in the oil company can also gain lot of benefits such as convenient living life and high wage. Once the workers get on the platform, they have to stay in the rooms that can obviously be seen as the luxury hotel rooms and other facilities included food and laundry. Additionally, one of the best parts of working as the rig worker is to have 14 to 21 days off. So it means more than half a year you are on holiday!

How much does the oil company pay?

There are many oil rig companies located in several countries such as Saudi Arabia, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, China, Nigeria, Mexico, Norway, Kuwait, Venezuela or the United Arab Emirates. Generally working as roughnecks will be paid around 0 per day or ,000 per year. The employment on specialized positions will earn up to 0,000 per year. Therefore the average wage for the oil rig jobs will range from about ,000 up to 0,000 per year.

How can we guarantee the safety during working at oil platform?

There is standard safety measurement that every oil rig companies must be followed. All workers will be provided with safety boots, helmets, safety glasses and other safety protection. The workers have to stay alert and may require taking night shifts. There are certain areas in the platform that you are allowed to smoke and you must remove your equipment when you go for eating. Another rule is that you have to maintain safety and remain good relationship with your colleagues as much as you can.

All the weapons are prohibited in the oil platform. The workers are not allowed to bring knives, lighters, matches, alcohol or drugs. You should also concern that batteries from all electrical equipment in your luggage have to be removed during working within the rig. Furthermore, you are not allowed to use cell phone during the flight to the oil platform by helicopter.

Not all of oil rig positions are required the heavily physical work. There are some positions such as catering section or medical section that are not physically demanded but are expected to follow guidelines strictly. In some cases, rig workers may get affected with various diseases while working within the platform due to the joining of the people from different parts of the world. The medical persons are expected to be able to speak and understand many languages to practically communicate with patients.

Consequently it is no doubt why people are interested in working with oil rig companies. Apart from physical requirement, the good salary and excellent facilities offered are very attractive to join in such career.

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