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Citizenship and Immigration Canada is the department of the Government of Canada with responsibility for issues dealing with the immigration and citizenship . The department was established in 1994 following a reorganization of the federal government. The current minister of citizenship and immigration Jason Kenney .


In October 1868, the federal and provincial representatives met for the first time to discuss immigration issues and their responsibilities towards immigrants. Building on decades of colonial experience, delegates are preparing plans to improve the administration of immigration in anticipation of the arrival of immigrants from the British Isles and Europe in the new Dominion. Federal Cabinet approves the decisions taken at this meeting by decree, December 18, 1868 1 . Presence

CIC has a large network of Immigration Centres across Canada and a number of embassies and diplomatic missions in Canada, Canadian high commissions and consulates. Recently, Service Canada began to take control of some domestic operations of the ministry, while the Border Services Agency of Canada has taken control of the execution and control of airports and other entry points into Canada. The CIC is still responsible for establishing immigration policies of Canada and the execution process applications for permanent residence and temporary protection of refugees and applications for citizenship.

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