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Gold Jewellery - Properties of Gold Jewellery

Gold is a most loveable and precious metal. In ancient times whoever retained gold was considered as a powerful person because it was considered as the indicator of status and wealth. In the past it was mostly retained and used by the kings and relevant people. Gold is a very versatile metal and used to perform numerous tasks like making jewellery.

Gold have different advantages and properties like; it cannot be tarnished, rust or corrode. It is so malleable that one ounce of solid and pure 24k gold can be hammered to cover 300 square feet and can be drawn into wire that is finer than a man s hair. It is soft, workable and has good binding chemistry with other metals. In ancient times it was used as currency coins. It is one of the features of gold that it can be mixed with other metals like copper, silver, rhodium and palladium to create different colors and shades of gold jewellery.

One of the most common characteristic of gold is that it cannot be affected by air and is proved as good electricity conductor that makes perfect electrical contacts. Gold is used to make different electronic items like circuit boards, cell phones and in similar products. Because of its high reflections, NASA uses it for medial research and for space projects as well. Gold is also used in different food contents. Gold leafs are used to decorate numerous food items and is also found in many alcoholic drinks.

Different companies melt down the gold to analyze is it real or not? Many jewelers use acid test to identify it. You can also check its purity by using face powder. First you need to take powder on your hand and rub the gold in that powder if it will leave black mark then it is real and if it not then it is fake one. It will happen because pure gold form chemical reaction with many makeup products. Molecules of pure gold are packed together and make it heavy. There is one more way to check the purity of gold that it will sink in to the water speedily where fake gold will float and then it will sink.

Gold jewellery items have become so common that they can be purchased from online stores, which provides the best design and quality. Buying jewellery online is not easy as it looks it is quite tricky. Website must be accurate and informative. You should only observe the information that is provided neither how convenient is it nor how pretty items it displays. You must prefer those sites that are secured with 128-bit SSL. It is important because while purchasing jewellery online you mostly make transactions from your credit card numbers so if the site is secure then it may not leak your credit card information. Carefully check the terms and conditions of site. Also inquire that the gold jewellery, which you are going to purchase, has legal certificates or not. Also check the returning conditions and policies, which will satisfy you that your rights are covered and safe.

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