Canadian Dual Citizenship

George asks…

What are the advantages of having American/Canadian dual citizenship?

Im an American whose father is Canadian. I recently found out that I can have Canadian citizenship. What are the advantages and or disadvantages of have dual citizenship? Can I receive universal health care? Thank you for any advice.

Diana answers:

When you have completed your proof of citizenship, healthcare is available to you if you are fully resident in Canada, home, job, bank account.
You can access the healthcare after 3 months waiting, if you can prove residence. If you are out of Canada for more than six months, or are visiting as a tourist you are not eligible
Helen asks…

How do you actually apply for your Dual canadian/uk citizenship & british passport?

My husband was born in england and has dual canadian citizenship. I am a canadian we met, got married and live in Toronto . I also want my kids who were born here,to have british passports and they are both under the age of 15.
I have been doing my research using their UK border website. I cant find, if you are applying for a second citizenship or dual citizenship, use this form.

Diana answers:

Your children are automatically British as they have a British born father married to their mother. You just need to apply for their passports.
You cannot apply for British citizenship as there is a residency requirement. If you were to decide to move to the UK, you would need to apply for a spouse visa. It sounds as though you have been married for more than four years, so you can ask for indefinite leave to enter with a KoL endorsement. The KoL endorsement means that you must take the Knowledge of Life in the UK test and as soon as you have that pass certificte, you can apply for a no time limit stamp in Your passport. This confirms your settled status.
Once you have been resident for three years, you can apply for citizenship.
If you have been married for less than four years, your spouse visa will be a 27 month probationary visa. After two years residence you can apply for indefinite leave to remain as long as your marriage is still intact. After three years you can apply for citizenship.
Joseph asks…

How do I apply for British/ Canadian dual citizenship?

I was born in the UK and as I am now 18, I would like to apply for dual citizenship with canada and the uk. Currently I hold a canadian passport. How do I find out if I am elible or how to apply?

Diana answers:

You may be eligible for UK citizenship if one of the following were true…
1) At least one of your parents are British not by decent.
2) One of your parents had settlement status (ILR) when you were born.
3) Neither of the above apply to you, yet you spent the first 10 yrs of your life in the UK.
Simply being born in the UK does not guarantee citizenship.
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